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Release Details
Release 0.10.1
Released in: April 2015
New option to calculate merged hash based on actual file contents
Release 0.10.0
Released in: April 2015
Moving compression types to separate classes
Merge new experimental technique for compressing JS
Code cleanup / coding standards
Release 0.9.25
Released in: April 2015
Fix PHP Warning
Release 0.9.24
Released in: March 2015
Implement CSS and JS domain properly for cached URLs also
Release 0.9.23
Released in: March 2015
New feature to allow for disabling for specific user-agents
Code compliance
Release 0.9.22
Released in: March 2015
New JS compression "Simple 2" with some experimental rules
Release 0.9.21
Released in: December 2014
Option to remove MooTools
Release 0.9.20
Released in: May 2014
Backend page inaccessible
Fix URLs with dummy GET parameters appended
Release 0.9.19
Released in: March 2014
Fix issue with absolute image-URLs
Release 0.9.18
Released in: February 2014
Support for PHP-module jsmin
Support for JavaScriptPacker class
Optimized HTTP-headers
Release 0.9.17
Released in: February 2014
New option "Image Domain" to serve images over CDN
Updated installer for Joomla! 3.2
Release 0.9.16
Released in: February 2014
@import rules were also followed when inside comments
Images were also followed when inside comments
Support for Google Closure Compiler API
Release 0.9.15
Released in: January 2014
Option for domain sharding for JavaScript and CSS URLs
Release 0.9.14
Released in: January 2014
Fix potential JS issues
Make file-URL based merging even faster by hooking into onAfterRoute
Release 0.9.13
Released in: January 2014
Option to set domainname to allow for domain sharding
Extra header Vary: Accept-Encoding
Apply data-URIs also to img-tags
Release 0.9.12
Released in: November 2013
Update entry for new J3.2 Install from Web feature
Create empty backend-page for component
Fix PHP Notices
Release 0.9.11
Released in: October 2013
Autoinsert jQuery.noConflict() if jQuery is detected
Also add semicolumn-fix if JS is not compressed
Release 0.9.10
Released in: October 2013
Fix JS-files not ending with semi-column
Improved usage of CSS @import
Release 0.9.9
Released in: September 2013
FIX: Put @import-rules on top of merged CSS
NEW: Allow for @import without url() indication
FIX: Do not show error when not importing remote stylesheets
NEW: Match version-tags on CSS and JS URLs
Release 0.9.8
Released in: July 2013
Upload language-files to Transifex
Fix harmless PHP-warnings when using open_basedir
Fix for image-paths with a single-column
Release 0.9.7
Released in: April 2013
Joomla! 3.0 compatibility
Release 0.9.6
Released in: February 2013
NEW: Async-option for merged JavaScript-files
NEW: Joomla! 2.5 updater-support
FIX: Major update of language-files
NEW: Option to determine target position of merged URLs
FIX: Move "Backend" option to Advanced Options
NEW: Option to skip already compressed files (pack, min)
NEW: Optional compression using 3rd party JSMinPlus and CSSMin
NEW: Option to exclude certain Menu-Items
NEW: Option to exclude certain components
Release 0.9.5
Released in: September 2012
Development release
Release 0.9.4
Released in: July 2012
Various fixes
Release 0.9.3
Released in: May 2012
NEW: Support for following CSS @import
NEW: Data URI support
NEW: WebP support
FIX: Relative paths to url() resources
NEW: Experimental JSMIN support
Release 0.9.2
Released in: April 2012
Non-public release
Release 0.9.1
Released in: February 2012
FIX: CSS-stylesheets not properly included
BETA: Data URI support
Release 0.9.0
Released in: November 2011
FIX: Bad includes of images (url())

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