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Release Details
Released in: July 2015
Fix issue with not being able to select layout (Joomla 3.4.2)
Automatically select category in Menu-Item
Refactor SimpleLists layouts to JLayouts with support for legacy and BS2
Remove unneeded & (PHP4 style)
Upgrade Yireo library
Remove outdated INI file
Fix menu-items of sys.ini
Released in: June 2015
PHP typo in print view
PHP typo in PDF view
PHP Fatal Error under 2.5 and 3.4.1 with missing getCategory method
Released in: January 2015
Fix issue with editing under Joomla 2.5
Fix some PHP notices in plugins
Fix image upload in Joomla 3
Released in: January 2015
Fix missing HTML in items module
Update Yireo Library
Released in: January 2015
Fix missing category field under Menu-Item
Add submenu for SimpleLists categories in categories component
Minor cleanup
Released in: December 2014
Styling fixes in backend
Remove old Joomla 1.5 legacy parts
Fix issues of manager-created items not being editable
Released in: October 2014
Bug fix: Make sure original Menu Item parameters is never changed (clone())
Support for events via separate SimpleListsContent Event plugin
Rewrite SimpleLists Items module to use model instead of manual SQL
Scheduled for: September 2014
Add additional category options to all Menu-Items
HTML corrections
Remove old legacy 1.5 code
Content Plugin was not interpreting spaces correctly
Add additional category options to SL Category form
Option for Alternative Layouts in component and module
Released in: September 2014
Add sorting by published date in reversed order
Released in: September 2014
Refresh core plugin cache after installing
Allow sorting by publish_up date
Switch to semantic versioning
Released in: May 2014
Implement Bootstrap in J2.5 backend
Add missing language strings in J3
Remove old J1.5 files
Performance enhancements
Released in: February 2014
Maintenance release
Released in: January 2014
Fix of missing form.xml in new System Plugin
Shortened form-labels in Menu-Item configuration
Make sure access-level is Public by default
Released in: January 2014
New SimpleLists System Plugin to allow for form-modifications
Alpha of SimpleListsContent plugin to display core-articles in SL layout
Released in: January 2014
Bugfix of basic-fieldset missing
Released in: December 2013
Item did not edit in backend properly (saving was ok)
Items-module crashed when layout was not explicitely set
Removed Joomla! 1.5 legacy code
Released in: December 2013
SL Content Plugin now compatible with J3
Yireo Library update
Fix minor PHP-notices in backend
New SL Index module
Released in: November 2013
FIX: Column-option of Picture-layout did not work properly anymore
NEW: Column-option of Picture-layout now supports Bootstrap
FIX: Repair of XML-updates
FIX: Menu-Items did not select category properly in J3.2
Released in: October 2013
FIX: Allow for Guest-access-level in J3
FIX: Categories-view was not filtering by parent-category properly
FIX: Links for subcategories in various views were incorrect
FIX: Code compliance
FIX: Various PHP-warnings for static methods
Released in: October 2013
Switch from MooTools to jQuery in backend
Fix for file-selection in J3 backend
Fix numerous PHP-notices
Added Joomla! updater support
Released in: May 2013
NEW: Image-alignment toggle-option to switch from left to right to left
FIX: Remove requirement for SimpleLists Link Default plugin
FIX: J2.5.10 API changed causing PHP-error with empty $path
FIX: Various PHP notices in PHP Strict Mode
NEW: EasyBlog Link plugin
Released in: February 2013
FIX: Image- and File-button did not work after library-update
FIX: Upgrade of jQuery to fix errors in bootstrap.js
FIX: Toggle doesn't work due to Bootstrap errors
NEW: Setting to disable automatic thumb-creation in backend
NEW: Button in control panel to run SQL-update-queries manually
NEW: CSS-classes for first, last, odd, even
NEW: Read-more link in SimpleLists-module
FIX: Improved URL-detection in SimpleLists-module
FIX: Database-upgrades in Joomla! 3.0 caused exceptions
FIX: Ordering was reset to 0
FIX: Pagination failed since
Released in: January 2013
Fix in ACL-system for backend-items
System option to allow query-debugging
Released in: January 2013
FIX: pkg_simplelists did not include new SimpleListsLink plugins
FIX: Published-field only works in item-overview, not item-edit
NEW: Frontend-support for new access-levels
NEW: Basic backend-support for ACL
FIX: Language-files not included in SimpleListsLink plugins
DEV: Rename plg_simplelists_ plugins to plg_simplelistslink_
Released in: December 2012
DEV: Logo changed
FIX: Old template-files in backend where not removed
FIX: Newly added items did not save category-settings
NEW: Rewrite frontend MooTools effects to jQuery
NEW: Installer should clean up old files and directories
FIX: Update of SimpleLists Items module
Released in: December 2012
FIX: Parent-category not working on categories-page
PROD: SimpleLists Pro version for additional support
FIX: Wrong DS-usage in modalbox
FIX: Category-saving not working on first edit
NEW: Alpha-compatibility with Joomla! 3.0
FIX: Update of modules language-file
NEW: Extra readmore-link for items-module
FIX: Selecting files in popup does not select file
NEW: Extra flag parameters (new, popular, featured) using additional CSS-class
NEW: Parameter to disable automatic ordering (ordering=0)
DEV: Update of language-strings of component-configuration
FIX: Table-layout tr-element not added properly when having only 1 item
FIX: Table-parameter columns missing
DEV: Update of Yireo Library
NEW: Bootstrap support in backend
NEW: Remember active-tab in item-edit
NEW: Toggle layout now uses Bootstrap accordion
NEW: Rewrite of various layouts to Bootstrap HTML
NEW: Rewrite of MooTools-scripts to jQuery
Released in: January 2012
FIX: Wrong XML-definitions in J1.5 caused install-failure
FIX: Categories not created correctly in J1.7 and J2.5
FIX: Double icons in category-edit screen
FIX: File-upload in modal-box (J16+ only)
NEW: First tests with Joomla! 2.5 succesful
Released in: March 2012
FIX: Jumplabel-option for toggle layout
FIX: j15 JavaScript bug in double Accordion
FIX: Alphabetic bar throws white page
NEW: Alphabetic bar only links letters that are actually in use
Released in: February 2012
FIX: Picture-alignment did not work in table-layout
NEW: Extra component-option "SEF URL" for Nooku SEF compatibility
NEW: Update of search plugin
FIX: Module does not allow selecting a category
FIX: Redesign of module parameters in j16+
FIX: If only 1 category exists, auto-select that category when editing an item
FIX: Display item-title, item-text and item-picture by default
Released in: May 2012
FIX: Categories still not properly saved
NEW: Category page in two columns
NEW: Stylesheets for items-module
FIX: Router when displaying single SimpleLists item
Released in: April 2012
FIX: Subcategory links are not working
FIX: ACL fixes for managing backend
FIX: New items did not save category-relations
FIX: Template-overrides were not properly working
FIX: Category-models was still referring to old database-structure
FIX: Windows compatibility with selecting image
FIX: Module setting "Link Image"
FIX: Order categories by alphabet
FIX: Options of Categories Menu-Item were not working in J25
FIX: Make sure title & text default to show, not hide
NEW: jUpgrade XML-file
Released in: January 2012
FIX: Warning when list is empty
FIX: PHP Fatal Error when accessing Menu-Items
FIX: Component-params are not initialized at setup
Released in: December 2011
NEW: Joomla! 1.6 and Joomla! 1.7 support
NEW: Refactory of upgrades and complete removal (database tables)
NEW: Plugins of group "SimpleListsLink" to allow easy extending of SimpleLists
NEW: Unpublish date
FIX: Add correct date to RSS-items
NEW: Content plugin

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