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SimpleLists FAQ: General

Am I limited to the number of domains?

No, when you are using the free version of the pro version, in either case we do not limit anything. You can use this extension to an unlimited number of domains. For the pro version, you will receive support on all those domains. However, common sense predicts that we will not spend an unlimited amount of time for one pro subscription.


I am an individual webdesigner. Do I need to go Pro?

We don't require you to do anything. However, if you are making money of Joomla! extensions like ours, why not pay us our respects by purchasing the pro-version.


Does this component use Joomla! articles?

No, it does not. A Joomla! article is ment to fill a full page. It can be fitted onto a page with multiple articles (blog-layout), but the shown intro-text will be also be shown again on the full page. SimpleLists introduces an aspect regular articles do not have: Have an intro-text which is different from the article itself.

Furthermore, SimpleLists items seperate the destination link and an image from the body-text, allowing for a lot of variations through a few mouse-clicks.


What is the difference between the paid and the free version?

None. The software of the free version is the exact same as for the paid version. The "paid version" is actually a phrase we do not use. We offer support subscriptions. Put simple, you pay for our time when you are in need of additional support. Check our Packages page for more information.


Does this component use Joomla! categories and sections?

No, it does not. SimpleLists uses its own content-items, and therefor its own categories. SimpleLists can not be used (yet) to display articles from a normal article-category.


Can I create a gallery with SimpleLists?

Yes, you can but while SimpleLists handles text, titles, links and more. However it doesn't handle thumbnails. If you have no problem resizing images before you upload them to Joomla!, SimpleLists can definitely be your choice.


How do I put SimpleLists in my articles?

SimpleLists is a seperate component, and it does not use articles - instead it uses it's own content-items. The behaviour of these content-items is very similar to normal articles, except for that SimpleLists content-items allow for all the dynamic things of SimpleLists, and normal articles don't.

In general, you would not use a Joomla! article to display SimpleLists content-items, but you would point a Menu-Item directly to a SimpleLists category. Alternatively, there is also a SimpleLists Content Plugin that allows you to add the contents of a SimpleLists category to a Joomla! article using a tag.

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