• Simple plugin and easy to setup
  • Trademarks without extra fuzz
  • Designed for quick working

Because the name Joomla (officially with exclamation mark) is protected by a copyright, the usage of the word Joomla in most commercial text should be accompanied by a trademark (TM) sign. This plugin allows you to add a trademark for multiple words to each occurrance of that specific word on your site. Simple but adequate.

Cost Free
Current version 1.2.0 (Stable)
Requirements Joomla 2.5 (supported until June 2015)
Joomla 3.0 - Joomla 3.4
PHP 5.4 or higher
PHP 5.4.0 or higher
Download Download
(No registration required)
Support Support Forum
License GNU/GPL (General Public License)

Getting started

  • Install this plugin in the Extension Manager
  • Enable the plugin in the Plugin Manager


  • Comply to copyright regulations
  • Add trademark signs without HTML editing
  • You will be done in 1 minute

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