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Release Details
Released in: August 2016
Fix issue of message and category_id not being saved anymore
Released in: August 2016
Library update
Fix issue with missing utc field after fresh install
Released in: April 2016
Library update
Released in: May 2015
Fix issue with missing Facebook permissions in newer API
Fix Facebook test returning empty value
Improve handling of Twitter account validation
Code refactoring (service models, contract interfaces)
Released in: March 2015
Make sure only published tweets are picked up (issue when having a lot of unpublished tweets)
Released in: August 2014
Graph in dashboard showing tweets of upcoming 30 days
Minor language changes
Debug option in component parameters
Option to set a specific account as default
Fixes in timezones
Using string DATE_FORMAT in overview
Released in: May 2014
New editor button plugin to quickly allow for creating new tweets
Various new options in the component configuration
Cleanup of code
Released in: May 2014
Fix issue when re-authorizing Facebook account
Support for Facebook pages
Released in: May 2014
Doubleclick to change post date directly in tweets overview
Library update
Released in: April 2014
Improve overview of pending tweets
Option to append or prepend category URL to tweet-text
Improve handling of errors when posting
Released in: March 2014
Fix Google URL Shortener
Yireo Library update
Update of language packs
Released in: February 2014
Auto-spread option to reschedule tweets by batches
Released in: January 2014
Updated new HTTPS-based URLs of Twitter API
Released in: December 2013
Joomla! 3.2 compatibility
Library upgrade
Fixing PHP Notices
Released in: September 2013
NEW: Add extra hour-options for rescheduling
Released in: July 2013
FIX: Error when tweet is too long, but still saved
NEW: Language-files at Transifex
Released in: June 2013
NEW: Support for Twitter API 1.1
FIX: Major cleanup of language-files
NEW: Button to cleanup all posted entries
Released in: February 2013
Maintenance release
Released in: December 2012
DEV: Upgraded database-structure
NEW: Beta-support for Joomla! 3.0
NEW: Support for Facebook posts
NEW: Support for LinkedIn posts
Released in: November 2012
NEW: Ability for reoccurring tweets
NEW: Option to randomize time only during business hours
FIX: Update of Twitter libraries
NEW: Joomla! 3.0 compatibility
NEW: Filter by post state
Released in: May 2012
NEW: Option to disable advertizements in backend
FIX: Less intrusive advertizement CSS
FIX: Character-count in backend not working
FIX: Copy-button not working
FIX: Disable toolbar-buttons on homepage
FIX: Cleanup of language-files
Released in: February 2012
FIX: Fix warnings in CURL
FIX: Category-URL was not added through jQuery to tweet-message when message was still empty
FIX: j16 styling of Published-field
DOC: Update of tutorials
Released in: January 2012
Backend enhancements
Joomla! 2.5 compatibility
Released in: November 2011
New-button in control panel
Update of language files
Update of social media in control panel
Fixing some warnings and notices
Released in: October 2011
Added jQuery library for backend-functionality
Random time is only set between business hours
When switching category in tweet-edit screen, switch URL in tweet-text too
Initialize tweet with current time + 1 hour extra to prevent direct posting
Fixed styling issues under Joomla! 1.6 / 1.7
Released in: March 2011
Initial release

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