• Automatically post tweets
  • Promote your content when offline
  • Full integration in Joomla


Release Details
Release 0.2.20
Released in: March 2015
Make sure only published tweets are picked up (issue when having a lot of unpublished tweets)
Release 0.2.19
Released in: August 2014
Graph in dashboard showing tweets of upcoming 30 days
Minor language changes
Debug option in component parameters
Option to set a specific account as default
Fixes in timezones
Using string DATE_FORMAT in overview
Release 0.2.18
Released in: May 2014
New editor button plugin to quickly allow for creating new tweets
Various new options in the component configuration
Cleanup of code
Release 0.2.17
Released in: May 2014
Fix issue when re-authorizing Facebook account
Support for Facebook pages
Release 0.2.16
Released in: May 2014
Doubleclick to change post date directly in tweets overview
Library update
Release 0.2.15
Released in: April 2014
Improve overview of pending tweets
Option to append or prepend category URL to tweet-text
Improve handling of errors when posting
Release 0.2.14
Released in: March 2014
Fix Google URL Shortener
Yireo Library update
Update of language packs
Release 0.2.13
Released in: February 2014
Auto-spread option to reschedule tweets by batches
Release 0.2.12
Released in: January 2014
Updated new HTTPS-based URLs of Twitter API
Release 0.2.11
Released in: December 2013
Joomla! 3.2 compatibility
Library upgrade
Fixing PHP Notices
Release 0.2.10
Released in: September 2013
NEW: Add extra hour-options for rescheduling
Release 0.2.9
Released in: July 2013
FIX: Error when tweet is too long, but still saved
NEW: Language-files at Transifex
Release 0.2.8
Released in: June 2013
NEW: Support for Twitter API 1.1
FIX: Major cleanup of language-files
NEW: Button to cleanup all posted entries
Release 0.2.7
Released in: February 2013
Maintenance release
Release 0.2.6
Released in: December 2012
DEV: Upgraded database-structure
NEW: Beta-support for Joomla! 3.0
NEW: Support for Facebook posts
NEW: Support for LinkedIn posts
Release 0.2.5
Released in: November 2012
NEW: Ability for reoccurring tweets
NEW: Option to randomize time only during business hours
FIX: Update of Twitter libraries
NEW: Joomla! 3.0 compatibility
NEW: Filter by post state
Release 0.2.4
Released in: May 2012
NEW: Option to disable advertizements in backend
FIX: Less intrusive advertizement CSS
FIX: Character-count in backend not working
FIX: Copy-button not working
FIX: Disable toolbar-buttons on homepage
FIX: Cleanup of language-files
Release 0.2.3
Released in: February 2012
FIX: Fix warnings in CURL
FIX: Category-URL was not added through jQuery to tweet-message when message was still empty
FIX: j16 styling of Published-field
DOC: Update of tutorials
Release 0.2.2
Released in: January 2012
Backend enhancements
Joomla! 2.5 compatibility
Release 0.2.1
Released in: November 2011
New-button in control panel
Update of language files
Update of social media in control panel
Fixing some warnings and notices
Release 0.2.0
Released in: October 2011
Added jQuery library for backend-functionality
Random time is only set between business hours
When switching category in tweet-edit screen, switch URL in tweet-text too
Initialize tweet with current time + 1 hour extra to prevent direct posting
Fixed styling issues under Joomla! 1.6 / 1.7
Release 0.1.0
Released in: March 2011
Initial release

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