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TweetScheduler - Features

  • Schedule your tweets at any time ... in Joomla!
    The TweetScheduler extension allows you to schedule tweets within your own Joomla! backend. Thanks to this, you can increase your marketing effort - for instance, by scheduling tweets for an entire marketing campagne in 1 go. Setup it up and start scheduling your tweets.
  • Twitter categories (campagnes) for quick creation
    Each twitter-message is placed within a category. This category can be configured with a specific URL, which is appended to the tweet automatically. This allows you to quickly type in text, while the TweetScheduler just applies the same URL over-and-over again.
  • Create tweets from within articles
    The TweetScheduler Editor Xtd plugin allows you to create tweets while you're editing articles. This increases productivity tremenduously.
  • Short URL integrations
    TweetScheduler offers support for URL-shortening services like TinyURL,, Google URL Shortener and Dynamic404.
  • Support for LinkedIn and Facebook
    Besides Twitter itself, you can also post your tweets to Facebook and LinkedIn. Each message can be posted to multiple accounts simultaneously. Facebook Pages support is included.
  • OAuth authentication
    TweetScheduler uses the OAUth authentication protocol to authenticate your account with.
  • Rescheduling tweets
    Tweets can be rescheduled over a certain amount of time (2 weeks, 3 months, 1 year). This makes TweetScheduler excellent when dealing with marketing campaigns and/or reoccurring events like birthdays. 
  • Run through cronjob
    To run your tweets, place a cronjob within your hosting environment so that your tweets are picked up.