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I love TweetScheduler

It's great! I tweet jazz musicians birthdays, and I love TweetScheduler! Thanks a lot for a great extension! Keep up the good work.

Easy usage

This component is very easy to use. It has allowed us to quickly publish an article and tweet about it right from the Joomla! backend. We like it!

Well done.

I've installed TweetSchedule and I've tested it. It's working fine. Posts are being posted. Well done!

Brilliant timesaver

Install, configure, fire! Very intuitive, well documented and reasonably priced time-saving Joomla component with prompt, professional and friendly support.
Well done to Yireo!

Excellent Social Media Campaining Tools and it saves me time

I use it for several projects and it is worth buying it. I can time my tweets to Facebook and Twitter. I can set the repetitions and post as a "company accounts".
The developers are cool, because they listen to improvements and I have seen them realizing several of my suggestions (far sooner that I had expected that). It can be cleverly configured, for example to use the API of YOUR account, so you can track the success of your shortened URL. A very clever and useful extension. So my thumb is up.

Great Extension!

I've been using TweetScheduler for about a year, and I thought it was time I left a review. It does everything it says it will do. It's easy to install, and what little support I needed for it was quick and courteous. The developer has been working on some new features, and replied personally to feature requests that I made. They are working on adding Facebook posts in addition to Twitter. And, there will soon be support for recurring Tweets; so it will be a true automated scheduling tool for social media.
I'm very excited about that, and look forward to the new release. Thanks to the Yireo team for a great extension and wonderful servie!