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We continuously experiment with exciting technologies. Join us in the labs, to enhance Yireo Software even more.

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During projects, we often create plugins or extensions for our own purpose. Instead of keeping these extensions for ourselves, we would like to share this with you as well - keeping up to the principles of open source.

Yireo Template Helper

Developing Joomla! templates involves more than just webdesign. To develop flexible templates you also need some extra PHP-logic, for which the Joomla! Framework provides good libraries. But some tasks require a solid understanding of this framework. That's why we have compiled various PHP-functions together in one library: The Yireo Template Helper library.

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Magento API plugin for Joomla!

When integrating Magento into Joomla! (using your own solution, JFusion or MageBridge), this plugin might give you numerous abilities: With this plugin enabled, any Magento code can be used within the Joomla! application: You can enhance Joomla! modules, plugins, components and templates with extra Magento logic.

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JFinder plugin for FLEXIcontent

This plugin is a modified version of the JXtended Finder plugin for com_content (regular articles) - now optimized for FLEXIcontent items. The code was not modified much. Mainly the queries for accessing FLEXIcontent tables were changed, as well as the URL scheme.

Last modified on 10 December 2013   /   MD5 hash 463f9cc1fcc880b17c674b213c4f08b1

Download plg_finder_flexicontent.zip

Joomla! API module for Magento

By installing this Magento extension within the Magento application, you can use Joomla!-code within Magento PHP-files and PHTML-templates. Unzip the archive, move the files to Magento, flush the cache, and re-login to the Magento backend. Configure the Joomla! path within the section Joomla! API within the System Configuration.

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