MageBridge Platform

MageBridge adds a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce platform - integrating them visually, but also offering usersync, additional performance, extension integration and much more.



Great support and a great product

Two weeks ago I called on Yireo to setup and install Magebridge on our Joomla/Magento site build. Within two days they had everything up and running and were happily answering my support queries, always responding within 24 hours. To date, the integration has been seamless. We were even able to purchase a Yootheme Magento theme for Magebridge that matches our Yootheme template. Great work.

I love MageBridge

The more I use MageBridge the more I like it. It was a bit complex to start with, but now I see all the great opportunities that MageBridge offers. Jisse, lead developer, is a fantastic supporter and MageBridge is really a good product.
The only bad thing to say is that they have chosen not to support windows servers. It works fine on my dedicated windows server with only one little problem and that's the Update function on the Magento side - it does not work (but that is properly a general Update problem on Magento installation). So MageBridge has to be updated manually, which is also really quick. On the Joomla side the update works great.
I am so glad that I took over a project that used MageBridge, so I could learn how to use it. Now more clients want to same solution on their sites.

Worth every dollar

Magebridge is a fantastic product. I was sceptical at first about the seamless integration, but it works better than I imagined. I must point out that due to the complexity of such a product, I would only recommend it for experienced Magento and Joomla users. But still the Yireo support is exceptional. They are constantly adding improvements to their products and have a very active support-forum. The best extension I have ever used without a doubt.

Amazing Plugin & Amazing Support

Yireo consistently provided top-notch support and provided updates within days. With their wealth of tutorials it was very easy for us to quickly integrate Joomla! and Magento, and create a fairly complex store in mere weeks. There is no way that we could have build our site without MageBridge and without Yireo's lighting fast support.

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Products offered by Yireo are outstanding (especially MageBridge). An additional consulting job was well done - very professional. High quality work. Instructions provided are detailed, precise and accurate (which is rare, nowadays). I would buy more products and services without any hesitation.

Go professional with MageBridge

After finding other e-commerce systems like osCommerce and Zencart having no good CMS-features, and after finding Virtuemart failing to be a truely strong partner, MageBridge jumped in to give me the best combination thinkable on the web. The best CMS bridged with the best e-commerce platform.
After learning some basics of Magento, it works like a charm.

Advantages of both worlds

Since a few years I use Joomla! as a CMS and built several great looking web sites with it. A few months ago a customer of mine was looking for a multi-lingual webshop. Magento seemed to be the best e-commerce solution for this. However the CMS of Magento isn't that powerful. Then I found out about MageBridge. This extension turned out to be really awesome!
It lets you experience the advantages of both worlds: The easy functionality and design features of Joomla and the strong category and product features of Magento.
Yireo did not only deliver Magebridge: They also installed a RocketTheme template-patch, a FancyBox gallery-effect in Magento and created a m17n multi-lingual MageBridge Connector just for me!
The video tutorials and the support of Yireo is really great. All of my e-mail questions and forum discussions where answered within 24 hours. Even in the weekends!?
Magebridge is an awesome extension for Magento/Joomla! and the Yireo service is great. Many thanks. I can recommend you working with their team!

Imposing component

After running a webshop on VirtueMart for a few years it was time to get my shop to a higher level, but I still needed Joomla! as a great CMS. I contacted Yireo and MageBridge was a great solution to use Magento, a very powerful e-commerce solution, fully integrated in my Joomla-site.
One of the amazing things is that MageBridge makes several Magento-issues (like XML-layouts) more easy! Using another Yireo-solution (Vm2Mage) VirtueMart-orders and customer-information (including their login-details) are migrated to Magento.
A good website requires a sitemap, so a plugin for the Xmap-sitemap component to display all Magento-products in the Joomla sitemap is available too.
Okay, to be honest: VirtueMart is easier to install and configure, but Magento has MANY more options, it's REALLY powerful. This makes MageBridge is a very imposing bridge. Yireo's documentation is more than complete. And: they gave me excellent support!

Excellent bridge between Joomla and Magento!

MageBridge is for me the ideal way to build a internet solution with Joomla! in combination with Magento. The module is very simple to install when you read the excellent instruction on the Yireo website.
For a client I used MageBridge to connect Joomla! websites in several countries, such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands with a central multistore Magento environment in the Netherlands.
In Joomla! I used a Joomla template and extensions for social media, etc. (Magento doesn't offer these extensions.) I also bought a modification of my RocketTheme template to integrate the Magento Default Template with the RocketTheme Joomla! template. That saved me a lot of time (thus money).
Yireo is a professional organization with excellent support. I wanted to know how to speed-up my Joomla!/Magento webshop and found excellent instructions on the Yireo site. Also on the Yireo website you can find all the Magebridge-information you need.
When you want to use the simplicity of Joomla! and the power of Magento, than I recommend you MageBridge.
Thanks Yireo. Excellent work. This saved me a lot of time to build professional webshops.

Works fine

Simple and powerful. No better way to get Joomla! and Magento in one project.

You can quote me on that

This is why I happily fork over my hard earned money for a paid commercial plugin ... because of outstanding knowledgeable support like this. And yes, you can quote me on that.

A beautiful site

Thank you so much for your work and this extension. It has allowed me to build a beautiful site with the Magento functionality for my client.


Thanks for your great work!

Great service again

Thanks for the great support. [...] I had expected nothing else then that it is rapidly solved. Thanks. Great service again.


Thanks to the excellent connector system, i have now got my site redirecting to the appropriate store according to the location of the user. Excellent.


This product is awesome!

Way cool!

The content plugin is way cool! [mod: The MageBridge Content Plugin is part of the MageBridge extension-suite.]

Great job

I appreciate all your hard work and the support you provide. Great job!

Very good support!

Thank you! Very good support!

Your product is fantastic

Let me say the documentation is amazing and well done and your product is fantastic.

Great but complicated

MageBridge has been great although it was more complicated to connect Joomla and Magento than we expected.


One thing is for sure - I really like Yireos dedication to helping us as users to use MageBridge. They have helped me a lot, in just a few days.

You and your company are really impressive

Thanks for the really amazing support. You and your company are really impressive. It’s extremely rare to find people or companies that consistently go beyond what’s required to take care of customers.

Love your product

Love your product, one of the most professional presentations I’ve seen in a while. You are also very attentive and you respond quickly and help us at up and running quickly