MageBridge Platform

MageBridge adds a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce platform - integrating them visually, but also offering usersync, additional performance, extension integration and much more.

MageBridge FAQ

Will Magento 2 be supported?

No, unfortunately not. Magento 2 stable was released in November 2015 and from that moment onwards, the market has been slowly crossing over from Magento 1 to Magento 2. MageBridge has always been a niche product that focused mainly on Joomla administrators who are less comfortable with Magento development. Because of this, and because of the slow decline of Joomla popularity, our conclusion is that it will not be worth migrating MageBridge to Magento 2.

Some functionality of MageBridge will be ported to Magento 2 nonetheless. This functionality will most likely include a basic bridge, remote authentication, and user synchronization. This will be not offered as a commercial package, but only as GitHub modules available for developers freely. Most likely, a visual integration will never come into existence.

Please note that Magento 2 is not Magento 1. Magento 2 requires a completely different skillset and is primarily meant for experienced developers to build advanced shops. If you are not a PHP developer, chances are that Magento 2 has little for you to offer, unless you hire a developer to help you with the implementation.


Is this extension compatible with Magento 1.X.X.X?

We will announce news on specific Magento versions as they are released. However, do not simply take the word of extension developers (like us) for granted. When they say that their extension is compatible with Magento version 1.x.x.x, naturally they are refering to the core. You are not running just the core. You are running additional extensions and a custom theme. If you want to know if a certain extension can be upgraded safely, do not do this directly on your production site, but setup a testing site and test things there until you (and not somebody else) know for sure that this works.

If you are asking this for a paid extension, that you have purchased in the past, the question is impossible to answer. We don't maintain old versions of extensions to be compatible with future Magento versions. In short, if you want to make sure your Yireo extension (with an outdated version) works with a modern Magento version, the solution is to upgrade. Our subscriptions offers automatic discounts on renewals, plus they are low priced. Upgrading is a bargain.


Is MageBridge open source?

MageBridge is fully open-source. Note that MageBridge uses dual-licensing, because it has extensions in either Joomla! or Magento: For Joomla!, the GNU/GPL is applied. For Magento, the OSL is applie. We offer Subversion-access to all sources.


Is Magento extension xyz supported by MageBridge?

In general, every Magento extension that works under Magento also works in MageBridge. Note that MageBridge is not a different platform, but it is a Magento storefront wrapped inside the Joomla! CMS. Any Magento extension works in MageBridge, just like it would in Magento standalone. However, the bridging brings along some specific problems, if the Magento extension is badly coded.

For instance, MageBridge makes heavy use of the difference between the Base URL, the Base Skin URL and other Base URLs. If a Magento extension is not following standards, this might lead to 404 errors. The developer of this Magento extension should fix these bugs.

Also, many Magento extensions make use of ProtoType and Scriptaculous (actually Magento itself does as well), which does not work together with MooTools (used by a lot of Joomla! extensions). MageBridge is not able to solve this conflict, but gives you all the tools to avoid such a conflict.


Is MageBridge free?

This depends on what you want. All the MageBridge PHP-sources are made available under the GNU/GPL and are available for free on our Subversion server. However, you will need to construct your own packages from source and if you're not a PHP-developer, this is not ment for you. If you want to receive MageBridge packages and support, you are required to purchase a support-subscription.


Can I get a development license?

You can use MageBridge for free by checking out the Subversion-sources - this is ment for developers, and allows developers to use MageBridge without any costs. If you want our support, you will need to purchase a support subscription.


Does MageBridge work with Magento Go?

Magento Go is a platform of Magento that should not be compared to Magento Community, Magento Professional or Magento Enterprise. It only supports a limited set of third party extensions, and does not support extensions that offer dramatic changes like MageBridge does. Please refer to the Magento Go FAQ for information on what kind of extensions you can actually use.


Can I still use MageBridge after the subscription expires?

Yes, you can. A valid MageBridge Support Subscription gives you the right for support and to receive easy updates for all MageBridge extensions using the MageBridge update-servers. This means that you can download or upgrade the MageBridge extensions until the subscription expires. After this, you can still use the software but updates will not be available anymore through the MageBridge update-servers. Also, the download-folders of MageBridge on our site will become unavailable to you. Nothing stops working on your site. Note that you can also still receive updates by checking out the free sources from Subversion.


Is Magento Enterprise Edition supported?

Yes, it is. Magento Enterprise Edition uses the same code-base as Magento Community Edition plus some extra additional Enterprise-modules. We fully support the usage of Magento Enterprise Edition. Please note that you can only manually install MageBridge in Magento Enterprise (through a file-patch) because the downloader-application is not available in Magento Enterprise.


For how many hosts can I use MageBridge?

You can use MageBridge on an unlimited number of domains. However, if you want us to support a domain and/or if you want to receive updates from our MageBridge update-server, you will need a valid MageBridge support subscription.

The MageBridge Standard subscription allows you to receive support and updates for 2 hosts; the MageBridge Enterprise subscription allows you to receive support and updates for 6 hosts. You can still copy sources to cover more domains, but you will be unable to use the MageBridge Update Manager for that.


Which Jooma! platforms does MageBridge support?

Please check the MageBridge System Requirements for details.


Can I change the source code of MageBridge?

All source code of MageBridge are distributed under an open source license and can be changed without problems. Please note that all of our source code includes our copyright, and the used open source licenses (GNU/GPL OSL) forbid the removal of this copyright.


Is it possible to upgrade MageBridge Standard to Enterprise?

Yes, it is possible that we upgrade your current MageBridge Standard membership (2 domains, 3 months) to a MageBridge Enterprise membership (6 domains, 12 months). Just send us an email and we'll send you a payment request for the remainder of the membership fee (the difference between the Standard-fee and the Enterprise-fee). Once the payment is done, we will upgrade your membership. Please note that the start-date of your MageBridge membership will remain the same. 

Does MageBridge support multiple stores?

Yes and no: It depends if we are talking about the same thing. Within Magento the multi-site mechanism is implemented through three different store-types: Websites, Store Groups (also simply called Stores) and Store Views.

MageBridge itself only allows you to configure one Magento Website in one Joomla! website - this makes sense, because this is the way the multisite-architecture was ment. In most cases this is just fine. For multi-lingual content, MageBridge supports Joomla! core multilinguality, Joom!Fish and others out-of-the-box and allows them to connect to different Store Views.


Can I change my subscribed domains?

Yes, you can, you even have to. As soon as you have purchased a MageBridge Support Subscription, you need to configure the domains within your Yireo Account settings under Software Subscriptions. Our documentation guides you through this process. Afterwards, you can always modify the domains as you as fit. We only monitor these changes to prevent abuse - common-sense changes are allowed, 10 changes a day are not.


Can I resell MageBridge?

No, MageBridge is not being sold as a product, so therefor there is no option for reselling either. What Yireo offers, is MageBridge Support Subscriptions that give either you or your custome our support and updates.


Can I get a refund?

See the MageBridge Refund Policy for more details.


Is there a template-patch available for Joomla! template X?

For various Joomla! templates, we have developed special CSS-modifications that allow you to easily integrate MageBridge with that template. Every month we try to release new template-patches for popular templates of RocketTheme and YOOtheme. All template-patches are listed on the MageBridge templates-patches page. If a template is not listed there, we have not developed a patch for it.

These template-patches are not a requirement to use MageBridge. When you built a custom Joomla! site, you probably will need to modify CSS-code somehow, and not having MageBridge template-patch for your specific template, simply means that you will need to modify your own CSS-code to your own needs. With the base MageBridge CSS-code you have a good start anyway.


My subscription ends. How do I renew it?

If your support subscription expires, renewing your subscription is optional. You can purchase a new MageBridge Support Subscription on the Plans & Pricing page.


Can you help me with the implementation of my site?

Setting up a MageBridge-based website requires a good knowledge of Joomla!, Magento and MageBridge. Currently, Yireo does not act as an implementation parter - we don't build any entire sites. We do offer some precisely defined services, which might be of help, though.


Why do you offer template-patches?

On this site, you can find various patches for popular templates from RocketTheme, YOOtheme and JoomlArt. We offer these patches as a kickstart to get you going with template-design. If you choose a Joomla! template, most likely that template has never heard of the concept of MageBridge, unless the template is listing MageBridge as a supported extension. Therefor you will need extra styling to add the look & feel of the choosen Joomla! template to MageBridge. With our template-patches some of this work is already done. Ofcourse, no Joomla! website could ever be built without proper webdesign, and the same applies to MageBridge.

A demo of the template-patches can be found here:


Does MageBridge involve any hacks?

No, it doesn't. MageBridge doesn't modify the core of either Joomla! or Magento. Most features are implemented by using the available APIs and event-systems.

A warning has to be issued regarding the Magento-extension. Magento allows core-classes to be overridden by third-party-classes, and MageBridge uses this trick to fetch data needed from Magento which could normally not be fetched. For instance, the breadcrumb-class only allows for fetching HTML, not the data-array that lies underneath. The MageBridge override adds a method to the class that does fetch this data-array. Note that these modifications are not core-hacks, but adaptions of the override-technology offered by Magento.


Is multi-currency supported by MageBridge?

Multi-currency is totally independant from the multi-site mechanism, and is configured per store. Because one Magento store is brought to one Joomla! site, this just works - just like many other Magento features.