MageBridge Platform

MageBridge adds a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce platform - integrating them visually, but also offering usersync, additional performance, extension integration and much more.

MageBridge Support Subscriptions

As of October 18th, 2017, our paid subscriptions for MageBridge are no longer available. If you want to use MageBridge for Magento 1, you can. Just browse to GitHub and use the sources as you see fit - they work fine with Magento 1 and Joomla 3. We have multiple reasons for this drastic change.

  • Magento 1 is deprecated: Magento 1 should not be used to set up new sites. Magento 2 is the only current version of Magento. If this is new for you, make sure to study this in detail, because it is vital for a shop owner to know the application he/she is using.
  • Magento 2 support will not come: MageBridge will not support Magento 2. MageBridge has been an easy solution for Joomla site owners to mix in Magento. However, Magento 2 has an architecture that requires the help of developers to set it up, extend it and maintain it. This changes the market and makes it impossible to create a MageBridge for Magento 2 that supports Joomla site owners that are not Magento 2 developers.
  • Lack of demand: Joomla is on the decline - slowly, really slowly. Magento 2 is also expected to have a smaller segment of the market due to its technical complexity. And MageBridge has always been a niche product. Developing MageBridge for Magento 2 would require such a huge investment that is only profitable if there is a larger market segment. There is not. This makes MageBridge for Magento 2 not profitable enough to make the investment.

We hope you understand our point of view and therefore, our decision - how tough as it might seem.

Partial Magento 2 support

We have stated in the past that MageBridge will support Magento 2 partially. This will be done on a per-custom-project basis. We do not expect a bridge to make Magento 2 easier to use for Joomla administrators. However, there might still be the need for password exchange between the systems, Single-Sign In, possibly Single-Sign On, block forwarding. These separate features will be developed perhaps under the label of MageBridge. However, we will definitely not sell subscriptions to allow for usage of these extensions: Either they will be custom developed, or they will be offered for free on GitHub.