WebP for Magento

WebP for Magento

  • Smaller images
  • Less bandwidth
  • Faster webshops

Yireo WebP demo

An online demo of our Magento extension WebP is availabe at http://magento1.yireo-demo.com/. This guide shows you what the demo exactly shows you where.

Magento frontend-demo

The WebP exension allows you to translate JPEG and PNG images to the new WebP format, which is far smaller. To view these images, your browser needs to be shipped with WebP support - for instance Chrome or Chromium, or Firefox using the WebP extension. Some (but not all) images in the frontend will then be served through WebP.



Steps to see WebP in action

The following steps can be taken on the frontend-demo to see the extension in action:

  • Navigate to the frontend with a Chrome browser
  • Right click the image to see that it ends with *.webp
  • Navigate to the frontend with another non-WebP browser like Internet Explorer
  • Right click the image to see that it ends with *.png or *.jpg

Demo reset

Note that the demo-site will be refreshed periodically, and all existing data will be reset. Configurations you make in this demo-environment will no longer exist after this reset.