MageBridge Administration

Joomla is great in its CMS features, Magento is great in its e-commerce features - and MageBridge allows you to combine the two. There are many options that allow you to build extremely flexible shops. However, it takes time to learn these options. We can guide you into the proper setup and tuning of MageBridge. Our trainings will save you time.

Possible topics

  • MageBridge setup and configuration
  • Practical scenarios (one-stop-shopping, single-product-setups, separate apps)
  • Configuring SSL properly
  • Understanding how Magento XML layouts applies to Joomla
  • Customizing Magento block output with minimal effort
  • Multilinguality in MageBridge
  • Understanding Joomla module positions and Magento block assignment
  • Setting up privates sales and/or B2B using MageBridge
  • Syncing customer fields
  • Syncing newsletters with Newsletter Plugins
  • Post-sales optimization with Product Plugins
  • MageBridge performance tuning

Experience level

Experience with Joomla and some experience with Magento is assumed.


Our exciting bridging platform allows you to build great webshops with a lot of added value. Are you ready to learn more about MageBridge?