With Joomla! templates, there are various ways to deal with different browser-types. This might be necessary to add specific CSS-code for specific browsers, so within the world of webdesign there are already many tricks: A good designer knows about the VisualBasic-tricks for IE, but few know that there is also a Joomla!-class providing excellent browser-detection.

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Joomla! 1.5 ships with splitmenu functionality, which allows you to display a multi-level menu-hierarchy with different menu-modules. This allows for advanced menu-structures based on just a single menu tree. Splitmenu is based on the Menu Module-parameters startlevel and endlevel. There are some shortcomings though in this functionality. In this tutorial we will overcome these problems by writing our own better version of splitmenu.

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Joomla! has introduced template overrides (or output overrides) to alter the HTML-output of modules and components without making core hacks. For most extensions making template overrides is pretty straightforward. However, overriding the menu-module isn't. In this tutorial we will alter the module mod_mainmenu to add a CSS-class first to the first menu-item and a CSS-class last to the last menu-item.

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