Configuring the LinkedIn API for TweetScheduler

With our Joomla! extension TweetScheduler you can automatically post tweets through the LinkedIn API. This tutorial shows you how to configure the OAuth credentials within TweetScheduler to make use of the LinkedIn API.

Required details

To configure the LinkedIn API within TweetScheduler, you will need the following details:

  • App ID
  • App secret
These details are obtained from the LinkedIn site.

Login to LinkedIn

First of all, login to LinkedIn with your own LinkedIn account.

Create a new LinkedIn application

Next, browse to the URL and hit the link Add New Application. This leads to a form where you need to enter the following details:

  • Application Name: This can be anything, but the name must be unique - not just for you, but unique for the entire world. Just choose something like My XYZ TweetScheduler, or include your domainname. This name will also appear in twitter-logging tools like TweetDeck.
  • Description: [anything]
  • Website URL: The base-URL of your site (http://JOOMLA/)
  • Application Use: [anything]
  • Live Status: Live

There is no need to configure the OAuth credentials in the form. Just generate the app.

ts linkedin app1

Application-specific values generated by LinkedIn

After you have created your new LinkedIn application, reopen up the app-settings and note the new section OAuth Keys. Make sure you write down these values, because you will need to configure them within TweetScheduler:

  • API Key (called Consumer Key in TweetScheduler)
  • Secret Key (called Consumer Secret in TweetScheduler)
  • OAuth User Token (called OAuth Token in TweetScheduler)
  • OAuth User Secret (called OAuth Token Secret in TweetScheduler) 
ts linkedin app2

Configuring Joomla! TweetScheduler

Login to the Joomla! Administrator and browse to Components > TweetScheduler > Accounts. Click on New to create a new account. Configure the type to be LinkedIn. You can give the new account any title you like. Under Consumer Key configure the API Key generated by LinkedIn. Under Consumer Secret, configure the Secret Key generated by LinkedIn. Under OAUth Token, configure the OAuth User Token generated by LinkedIn. Under OAuth Token Secret, configure the OAuth User Secret generated by LinkedIn. Save the account.

Authorize the account

Now that the account is created, the details need to be verified with LinkedIn and the application you created needs to be authorized. Within the Accounts overview, click on the link Authorize. This will redirect you to a LinkedIn page where you can choose whether to allow or to deny access. Click Allow. After this, you should be redirected to the Accounts overview within the Joomla! Administrator.

Reauthorize and test

To reauthorize the account, for instance if you have regenerated the Consumer Key and/or Consumer Secret, just hit the link Reauthorize. If you just want to check whether the authorization is working, just click on Test. This should give you a notice with your LinkedIn screenname.