Our Magento extension ByAttribute gives you flexible options to create manufacturer listings, color options, or actually any listing of attribute values that you like. MageBridge allows Magento extensions to be integrated into Joomla!, and this guide shows you how to integrate ByAttribute in Joomla! specifically.

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The Diglin_Username extension allows you to extend the Magento customer-profile with an username, just like you are used to with Joomla! (which offers for each user-profile both an email-address as an username). This guide covers how to integrate this extension with a site where MageBridge is enabled.

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This tutorial is a quick draft on how to integrate the extension MageWorx Instant Cart with MageBridge. The steps described here are explained more thoroughly in other sections of our site.

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EcomDev CheckItOut is a popular Magento extension that replaces the default Magento checkout with a clean checkout-page that lists all fields in one overview. The extension can be used without problems within MageBridge, and this tutorial lists the steps to integrate CheckItOut within Joomla!.

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Adding aheadWorks AJAX Cart Pro to Magento is well-documented by aheadWorks itself, but adding it to MageBridge takes a few extra steps. The main focus is to inspect the XML-layout file that AJAX Cart Pro ships with, and make sure that all cart-elements are integrated into Joomla!. This tutorial lies down the steps.

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The Jirafe extension adds page tracking to the Magento frontend, and adds graphs in the Magento backend to interpret these statistics. Jirafe can easily be integrated within Magento, but adds a bit more work when you want to integrate it into Joomla! using MageBridge. This tutorial explains you which steps to take.

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OneStepCheckout is a popular Magento extension that replaces the default Magento checkout with a clean checkout-page that lists all fields in one overview. The extension can be used without problems within MageBridge, and this tutorial lists the steps to integrate OneStepCheckout within Joomla!.

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Assigning Joomla! modules to certain pages is done by selecting Menu-Items. But within your MageBridge shop, there are various pages that are not bound to a specific Menu-Item. With Joomla! it might be therefor troublesome to assign Joomla! modules using the Joomla! core functionality. While MageBridge offers some of its own features to deal with, you might also consider NoNumber Advanced Module Manager, which is explained in this tutorial.

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While the Joomla! core SEF functionality is already good enough for most shops, sometimes developers opt for third party SEF solutions. ARTIO JoomSEF functions fine with MageBridge, but you need to configure its settings for optimal use with MageBridge. This tutorial guides you through the steps.

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A frequent question that pops up with MageBridge, is whether a certain Magento extension works together with it. In general, we can't say anything about this - except that any Magento extension should work, if it is properly written. Let's walk through all the parts that need to be compatible.

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The MageBridge Content Tagging plugin (magebridgetags) is able to display related Magento products for a certain Joomla! article, and uses tags to relate products to articles. However, it does not ship with its own tagging system. Instead it uses other tagging systems. In this tutorial you will see how you can use this plugin together with the Joomla! Tags component.

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FeaturedProducts is a great extension from Mage-World.com, that allows you to build various blocks containing "Featured Products" throughout the Magento system. Just like with any other block, these blocks can also be put into Joomla! using MageBridge.

This whitepaper shows you the extra steps you should take. Actually most of the steps implicate Magento theming concepts, while the final steps in Joomla! are just a piece of cake.

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The Layered Navigation Pro extension by Adjustware is a popular commercial extension for Magento. It can be used together with MageBridge, but there are a couple of caveats which are described in this whitepaper.

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MageBridge makes use of a concept called "event forwarding" which allows you to pick-up an event generated in Joomla!, and replay that event in Magento. This way you can bridge things much more easily, while MageBridge provides the right architecture.

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MageBridge uses MageBridge Profile Plugins to extend customer profiles. A customer profile in Magento is different than a user profile in Joomla. The Profile Plugin is able to map certain certain fields between profiles. This tutorial explains how to customize this mapping.

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This guide deals with the synchronization of JomSocial profile-fields with Magento profile-fields. This feature is only part of the JomSocial integration of MageBridge 1.2. We highly recommend you read the tutorial Integrating JomSocial and MageBridge first.

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MageBridge 1.2 offers the ability to integrate Magento with JomSocial - the possibilities are covered in this tutorial. Some things will work out-of-the-box, but for instance the profile integration needs more work and only works partially because of missing events in JomSocial.

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The MageBridge extensions bring Magento to Joomla!, but besides integrating the content of Magento inside Joomla!, there are a lot of other integrations to be thought of as well. On this page you learn more about all the possibilities. See our roadmap for more information about the actual implementation.

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With MageBridge it is possible to relate a Joomla! multi-lingual extension to a specific Store Group or Store View as is configured in Magento. When setting up a multi-lingual Joomla! site this is vital for your customers: Both the regular Joomla!-parts as the webshop need to be browsed in the exact same language. In this article you will learn how to setup multi-linguality in MageBridge.

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