The Jirafe extension adds page tracking to the Magento frontend, and adds graphs in the Magento backend to interpret these statistics. Jirafe can easily be integrated within Magento, but adds a bit more work when you want to integrate it into Joomla! using MageBridge. This tutorial explains you which steps to take.

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Assigning Joomla! modules to certain pages is done by selecting Menu-Items. But within your MageBridge shop, there are various pages that are not bound to a specific Menu-Item. With Joomla! it might be therefor troublesome to assign Joomla! modules using the Joomla! core functionality. While MageBridge offers some of its own features to deal with, you might also consider NoNumber Advanced Module Manager, which is explained in this tutorial.

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While the Joomla! core SEF functionality is already good enough for most shops, sometimes developers opt for third party SEF solutions. ARTIO JoomSEF functions fine with MageBridge, but you need to configure its settings for optimal use with MageBridge. This tutorial guides you through the steps.

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FeaturedProducts is a great extension from, that allows you to build various blocks containing "Featured Products" throughout the Magento system. Just like with any other block, these blocks can also be put into Joomla! using MageBridge.

This whitepaper shows you the extra steps you should take. Actually most of the steps implicate Magento theming concepts, while the final steps in Joomla! are just a piece of cake.

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With MageBridge it is possible to relate a Joomla! multi-lingual extension to a specific Store Group or Store View as is configured in Magento. When setting up a multi-lingual Joomla! site this is vital for your customers: Both the regular Joomla!-parts as the webshop need to be browsed in the exact same language. In this article you will learn how to setup multi-linguality in MageBridge.

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