MageBridge includes its own MageBridge-optimized Magento theme, that ships with some nice features, among which support for Lightbox-effects. Instead of building these effects solely using Magento, MageBridge allows you to easily change the HTML-code within the Magento theme, while allowing you to add the Lightbox-effect itself by just installing a Joomla! plugin in Joomla!.

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With Magento, there are hundreds of extensions available that add something to the Magento pages. Our MageBridge extension is able to bridge all of this functionality to Joomla!, but this requires a bit of knowledge of Magento theming. Here's an explanation of how to add custom Magento JavaScript to the Joomla! page - a procedure that can be used for integrating tools like GetClicky, Google Analytics and Woopra.

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Integrating a Magento theme into Joomla! is not as straight forward as it seems. Magento blocks are only shown on certain MageBridge pages, while Joomla! does not know how to handle empty bodies of Joomla! modules. Also, assigning a Joomla! module to certain MageBridge pages is impossible because the Joomla! Menu Assignment is just not flexible enough.

The best solution for all these problems is to add PHP-code to the template. But because Joomla! still does not know about the Magento theming logic, the MageBridge template helper-class MageBridgeTemplateHelper allows you to configure things while using fairly simple PHP-code.

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Combined theming is the Yireo term for reusing the Magento theme inside the Joomla! CMS. MageBridge allows you to reuse Magento HTML inside Joomla! (amongst other features), but without some kind of theming, this HTML will not look usable at all. There for, MageBridge forwards the Magento theme to Joomla! and tries its best to merge everything from the Magento theme (CSS, JavaScript) inside the Joomla! template.

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The Theming tab of the MageBridge configuration in Joomla contains many settings to manipulate theming with MageBridge. Because the final webpage is a result of both Joomla and Magento, the MageBridge options allow you to turn on or off various parts. This article explains more about the actual usage of those options.

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