Template override of fixes.php

With every MageBridge component-page, an extra PHP-script called fixes.php is included to solve specific problems with some ugly hacks. If you run into a specific theming problem, you might want to make add your own hack to this file as well. For this, you can create a template override.

The checkout progress block

One such a problem is the checkout progress block. With the default Magento theme, when you enter the checkout, a little block is shown on the right that displays the steps in the checkout process. As soon as you move from one step to another, this little block is updated.

But the progress-block is not part of the main Magento content-block. When bridging everything to Joomla!, the Magento checkout itself is moved correctly to the Joomla! component-area, but the progress-block itself should be shown in a Joomla! module instead. The (ugly) problem here is that if the HTML of the progress-block is not present, the checkout breaks.

Instead of requiring you to use the MageBridge Block module to display the progress-block, instead the file fixes.php just adds invisible HTML to the content-block which fixes this issue. It's a good example of an ugly workaround that should be placed in this separate file, and not in the MageBridge core itself.

Making your own changes

The default fixes.php file is located here:


Do not edit this file directory, because with the next MageBridge update it will be overwritten. Instead, make a copy of the file to your own template. For instance, if your template is called foobar, the copy would be:


Which fixes to include?

Don't use this file as an all-purpose dumpfile:

  • Major HTML-changes in the original Magento HTML should be made by editing the Magento PHTML-template files
  • Templating logic using the MageBridgeTemplateHelper class should be placed in your template index.php file