Within MageBridge, there are various tools that help you troubleshoot problems with the bridge. One of these tools is a Magento controller-class that can be called from Joomla!. The controller-class outputs various types of data to make it easier to check if MageBridge is outputting data or not.

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When the bridge connection between Joomla! and Magento is unavailable, MageBridge displays the offline message inside the component area. By default, this states that the bridge currently unavailable, but it doesn't state the reason why - something you shouldn't bother your users with anyway. This guide helps you analyse the problems step by step.

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Combining Joomla! and Magento into a single site can be very complicated. If you're new to either Joomla! or Magento, using MageBridge might not be that straight-forward. Knowledge of both Magento as well Joomla! is needed to make your MageBridge shop a succes. This guide tries to help you out with troubleshooting problems that might occur.

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