Video: Magento image within Joomla content using MageBridge

Within Magento, the concept of CMS Markup Tags allows you to add dynamic content to CMS-pages. Using the MageBridge Content Plugin the same can be accomplished within Joomla!. This tutorial shows you how to add a Magento product-image to a Joomla! article.

Code used in this tutorial

The following code is used in the tutorial:

{{block type="catalog/product_new" product_id=1 template="catalog/product/view/your_new_page.html"}}

However, the template-file referenced here does not exist by default in Magento. In the previous tutorial Video: Dynamic product image to Static Page we explained you how to add this template-file to your Magento theme.

More possibilities with Markup Tags

Using Magento CMS Markup Tags you can not only add links, but also add URLs to the Magento skin (for Magento skin images) but also any block that is part of the Magento theming engine. This can be powerful when used properly.

By using blocks, you can add any type of Magento content to your own CMS-content: It might be a product-image, a CMS static block, a product-advertisement, product-gallery, listing of random products, etcetera. The wonderful thing is that whatever is possible with Magento, is possible with MageBridge as well.