Video: Installing MageBridge in Magento

This video-tutorial shows you which steps you need to take to install the Magento part of MageBridge. First of all, the MageBridge Installer needs to be installed and upgraded to the full MageBridge version.

To install MageBridge, first login to the MagentoConnect application of your site (also called the Magento Downloader) and copy/past the extension key of the MageBridge Installer:


After the MageBridge Installer is installed, you will need to navigate within the Magento Admin Panel to CMS > MageBridge Installation and configure the MageBridge license key. Once the license is valid, the MageBridge Installer can be upgraded to the full MageBridge extension.

API user and role

The tutorial also shows you to configure an API-user and API-role. These are not needed for installing MageBridge, but are needed once you want to configure the bridge between Joomla! and Magento. You also need to install MageBridge on Joomla!, which is explained in other guides as well.

MageBridge Installation Guide

The steps in these videos show you how simple things can be. But some steps require more explanation. We highly recommend you use the MageBridge Installation Guide if you are new to MageBridge.