Video: Magento extension install using SSH terminal

While the Magento Download Manager allows you to install extensions through a webpage, the same is possible from command-line. This video-tutorial shows you how to install a Magento extension using a SSH terminal. For this you will need shell-access to your Magento instance.

The following command should be run to initialize the PEAR-command properly:

./pear mage-setup .

With the following command you would install all the latest Magento updates:

./pear install magento-core/Mage_All_Latest

The following would install the Yireo MageBridge Installer. (To upgrade to the actual version you need to obtain a valid license key from our Yireo Shop.)

./pear install magento-community/Jira_MageBridge

The following would upgrade all installed Magento extensions:

./pear upgrade-all