Using EmailTester2 for Magento 2

Our EmailTester2 extension allows you to preview transactional emails in your browser and send test emails to the inboxes of your choice. This guide helps you install and use this extension in Magento 2.

Installing EmailTester2 in Magento 2

Using composer

We can only recommend installing Magento itself and its extensions through composer. There is composer support available for EmailTester2 as a commercial extension as well. Our whitepaper Using composer with commercial Yireo extensions explains the procedure for this.

Using a manual file copy

If you can't use composer - which you should - you can also copy the files of this extension manually. Go to the Downloads section of this extension and download the source from there. Extract it locally. Next, create a folder app/code/Yireo/EmailTester2 in your Magento 2 site (and create all parent folders if needed). Copy all of the sources from the download into this folder. Just like there is a file app/etc/env.php, there now should be a file app/code/Yireo/EmailTester2/etc/module.xml. Once all files are in place, continue with the rest of the procedure.

Enabling the extension

To enable the extension, run the command bin/magento module:enable Yireo_EmailTester2 from the command line. Next, flush the cache. Logout from the backend and login again. There should be a link in the menu Marketing > Communications > Yireo EmailTester.

Using EmailTester2 in Magento 2

If you navigate to Marketing > Communications > Yireo EmailTester, you can start using our extension. The goal is to fill all form elements as needed and then either send or preview a specific email. As a minimum, you need to enter a Mail To and select a transactional email under Email Template.

Most emails, however, also need a valid customer, product and order. Make sure to have at least 1 customer, 1 product and 1 order (with invoice) created in your Magento shop before trying to do anything else. Next, each entity (customer, product, order) needs an ID in the form of EmailTester. You can start typing in the search box of each entity to initialize an autocomplete box, that makes it easier to select IDs. Alternatively, you can look up the IDs within the respective grids of the Magento core system.


Most people tend to have a code editor open in which they can modify the files of email templates, part of the custom Magento theme. Each time you modify the files, you can preview the emails in your browser until they have the right look & feel. However, not all email clients will display this in the same way. That's why you can also send an email to the specified email address of your choice.

Preconfiguring form values

Once you get the hang of using EmailTester, you might find it annoying to fill in the details at every refresh. Instead, you can also add pre-configured values within the Configuration under the tab Advanced > EmailTester.