Installing and configuring the RalOption extension

The RalOption extension for Magento allows you to add a color option to products, so that customers can pick a specific color when they add the product to cart. This guide tells you how to setup RalOption in your Magento site.

Installing the Magento extension

The RalOption extension can be downloaded from within your Yireo Account. Either install the MagentoConnect package by uploading the file (with extension tgz) to your Magento site using your Magento Downloader application. Or download the ZIP-file,  extract it locally and upload the files and folders to your Magento root.

After installing the extension, make sure to flush the Magento cache. Afterwards, logout from the Magento Admin Panel and log back in.

Configuring a product for RALoption

Open the product in the Magento backend and select the tab Custom Options. Add a new custom option. Select in the dropdown box Input Type the value RALoption Color.

raloption customoption

Advanced options

If you want to have a certain color selected by default, there are various options to allow for this. You can either override one of the palette helper-classes and return the default colorcode through the getDefault() method - this requires a bit of PHP knowledge. Or you can choose as Input Type the value Text > Field instead. When you set the Title of the option to include the tag {{RAL}}, the custom option will get the same functionality as when using as Input Type the value RALoption Color. The tag can then be extended with the default value: {{RAL5021}} - in this case the default color will be 5021 (#00747D).

Setting prices per RAL color is also possible. For this, the helper-class needs to be overridden. See the guide Overriding the colors of RalOption for details.