Vm2Mage FAQ: Installation

The following FAQ contains questions and answers on installing and configuring Vm2Mage.

How do I know when to upgrade?

When you are using any of our Magento extensions, the latest available version will be mentioned on the main page of the extension (a page often labeled as Overview). Within the grey box, you will find various details among which the latest available version.

You can cross-match this latest version with your own extension version. Some of our extensions have backend pages in the Magento Admin Panel, and those backend pages will list the version of your current extension. Alternatively, locate the extension folder underapp/code/community/Yireoand open up the fileetc/config.xml. It will list a<version>tag containing your extension version.

Can I use Vm2Mage on existing Magento sites?

Yes, you can. Vm2Mage does not require a clean Magento install. All products, categories and customers that are migrated from VirtueMart, will just be added as new entities to Magento.

Do Magento and Joomla! need to be installed in the same place?

No, the migration using Vm2Mage is taking place over HTTP, which means that Magento and Joomla! can be installed on separate domains and even separate webservers. This puts down the requirement that firewalls need to allow incoming and outgoing HTTP-traffic and that domainnames can be resolved properly on both environments.