Video: Joomla! plugins for MageBridge

This video-tutorial shows you how to enable (or disable) Joomla! plugins. Joomla! plugins are used within MageBridge to perform various tasks, but in most cases you don't need to know what these plugins actually do.

To enable Joomla! plugins, login to the Joomla! Administrator and browse to Extensions > Plugin Manager. There you can activate one plugin at the time by using the toggle-button for that plugin, or you can select various plugins at once and hit the Enable button in the toolbar.

Joomla! plugins for MageBridge

All MageBridge plugins can be listed quickly by using the Filter searchbox within the Plugin Manager to search for "magebridge".

MageBridge uses in total 8 plugins. Of these plugins, the Content - MageBridge plugin and the Content - MageBridge Tags plugin are optional. To use them, you will need to modify your Joomla! content slightly, which is discussed in other tutorials.

The other plugins are part of the MageBridge core, and it is highly recommended to keep them enabled at all times. Some plugins have parameters, but we recommend not to change these parameters. All parameters that are useful for MageBridge administration are gathered on the configuration-page (under Components > MageBridge > Configuration).