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This 21st and 22nd of May 2014, another Meet Magento will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Hundreds of shop owners, e-commerce experts and developers will join for this awesome Dutch commerce event.

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Today marks a great moment for webshop owners: Magento 2.0.0 Stable is out. After waiting for years, the moment is finally there: Magento 2.0 Stable has been released. Let's see what changes are waiting for us.

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Today we made a huge shift by moving the MageBridge core functionality to GitHub. With this change, it becomes much easier for third party developers to use and implement MageBridge, without requiring any payment to Yireo. For us, this change brings in a great opportunity to let third party developers improve the MageBridge code and make the MageBridge platform better as a whole.

Read more: MageBridge Open Core on GitHub

MageBridge 1.9 is out. It took some time before making this move, but it is finished. The new version brings a migration of the original MageBridge connector-architecture to Joomla! plugins, allowing for more cool features, quicker development and easier installation. Let's see what's new.

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Next weekend - March 15th and 16th 2014 - the Joomla!Day Boston takes place ... in Boston. And Yireo is happy to sponsor this event. So what's up in Massachusetts?

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We have released a brand new version of our ByAttribute 1.1.0 extension for Magento. With this new extension, the URLs of attribute pages have major improvements for SEO. Let's see what is new.

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The secuirty company Securatary discovered a vulnerability in Magento Go that allowed attackers to login into any other Magento Go account by modifying HTTP-headers in the browser. Magento (or eBay as Magento is now an eBay company) responded quickly and has fixed the issue.

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Everybody makes mistakes. But if you make too many mistakes, there's definitely something to learn from those mistakes. We had a hell of a last week, and because we were reminded of some pretty important IT-rules again, I wanted to share these lessons with you.

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Let's say you bought a bicycle a month ago. But now your girlfriend needs a bike as well. And your favorite cycling webshop offers now the second bike with a 30% discount. I would be pissed that I'm not able to benefit from the 30% discount, just because I don't buy the bikes at the same time. That's how Magento works. But with our brand new Repeated Sales extension, this is going to change.

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It seems years ago ... sorry, it has already been years ago: Magento 2 was announced in late 2010 and expectations were high afterwards. Not only would Magento become much more lightweight, but it would also introduce numerous cool features that developers were waiting for. What has happened since?

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Well, introducing .... - the new MageBridge Product Plugins have lived in MageBridge since its start, but under a different name: Product Connectors. But the entire architecture has been revamped, made more flexible and easily extendible. Let's check what's new.

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Graphdat is an awesome looking, handy tool for monitoring server performance in real-time. And we are proud to present you a Joomla! plugin for integration with Graphdat, plus a MageBridge-specific Joomla! plugin. With these plugins, it becomes easy to zoom into what's eating performance.

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On March 22nd and 23rd 2014, the Joomla! Days Netherlands take place and Yireo is proud to be sponsoring this event as Silver Sponsor. Check out what we expect from this great event.

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Last months we were busy with custom work, and unfortunately this created a backlog of our regular MageBridge Template Patches as well. Using MageBridge Template Patches, it becomes easy to setup a combination of a Magento Default Theme, MageBridge extension-suite and Joomla! template. We have now started to work on this backlog.

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We have been busy in 2013, and it was an exciting year. And we believe it is going to be even more exciting in 2014. Let's see what Yireo has been up to.

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After JWC2012 in Silicon Valley was a great success, a second Joomla! World Conference is this year (2013) held in Boston. We are proud to be sponsoring this great event. Make sure to be there!

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buddha-designOk, we are in the business of making money with open source. But it's not just business, it's also about making money through a certain philisophy - following an idealogy. We've written it all down on paper, so here's our Yireo Manifest.

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yireoiconsThe current design of the Yireo site has been revamped a couple of times in the last 4 years, but has been kept the same for the major part. This is going to change. We are upgrading the entire site in phases, starting off with the extension-icons.

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yireo-emailtester-100The best extensions are created out of frustration of the developer. Last months, we were caught up implementing various Magento sites, and during this, we were customizing Magento transactional emails, while the end-customer was reviewing them. And the process of creating a test mail was kind of frustrating. So we developed a solution.

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yireo-dynamic404-100Maintaining a Joomla! site means that so now and then URLs are changed. Old URLs become obsolete and are replaced with new URLs. Within the Joomla! backend you can use the Redirect Manager to redirect those old URLs, but what happens with the URLs you forget about: For every one of those obsolete URLs, sooner or later a visitor will face an ugly red error-box.

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