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Tuning Magento properly requires a lot of knowledge. With our semi-automated scan all the hard work is done for you. You can simply subscribe and get the right tuning suggestions with a few clicks. Additionally you get our personal management summary to get started quickly.

Looking for a better way to profile Magento?

We recommend you to use Zend Server 8.5 with Z-Ray

Zend Server 8.5 with Z-Ray

We can't live without it

  • In-depth troubleshooting from your browser
  • Drop-in support for Magento and Joomla
  • Save time by having profiling always available
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on a regular basis, we give classroom-based or custom trainings

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New Relic allows you to dive deep into your code

We New Relic

  • Continuous application monitoring
  • Transaction tracing to get shit out of the fan
  • And we are proud to be an official partner!

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