Magento 2 Development Trainings

We have trained more than 110 developers in Magento 2 since its stable release in November 2015: Either for Magento 1 developers that cross over to Magento 2, or fresh PHP programmers that are new to Magento 2. With our didactics you can be sure that concepts like Dependency Injection and code generation are explained well, while also giving you the practical input to get started quickly.

Drop us a mail, so we can discuss your custom Magento 2 training

We love Magento 2

Magento 2 is the platform that we have wanted for years: Flexible, powerful. We have given dozens of dev trainings, organized two Magento 2 Seminar conferences totalling 400 attendees and have lead many usergroups and hackathons.

Why? Because you should experience Magento 2 as well!

Our #magento2 work in progress

  • We regularly organize Magento User Group meetings in Den Bosch (Netherlands) with Magento 2 topics
  • January 22nd 2016 and October 21st 2016 we organized a Magento 2 Seminar with 200 attendees
  • We submitted various Pull Requests for M2 and worked together with other devs during hackathons
  • We are working hard on converting our extensions to Magento 2. See our FAQ
  • All our extensions are PHP 7 ready.
  • Make sure to checkout out our FAQ for more details
  • Vm2Mage and MageBridge will be exploded in multiple modules, and offered for Magento 2 as well
  • Looking for custom Magento 2 development trainings? We can help you! Drop us a mail!