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On Demand training

Getting started with Magento 2 development was never easier thanks to Hyvä. And with our On-Demand video course of 10+ hours you will not miss out on hidden features

Academies, on-demand videos, events

Newcomers can be trained via our academies (weeks on an end) or separate masterclasses. Or you can take your pick from our on-demand video portfolio (with up to 100 hours of videos). And we are here to help you with events, unconferences, hackathons and meetups.

Yireo got you covered when it comes to gaining knowledge


Yireo opens up technologies for you

Our slogan and mission has been since many years "Opening Up Technologies" and it is still 100% accurate: We are nerds, we love open source and we are passionate about helping you use the right tools.

Tip: Follow a remote online training

With an eye on the current Corona crisis, we have started with remote training: Are you eager to learn more on Vue Storefront, Magento PWA Studio, React or other topics? We offer numerous trainings online with live chat, real-time interactions, courseware, labs and much more.
Or learn how we are able to organize efficient remote training