On January 22nd, Yireo organized a seminar with 220 attendees to share Magento 2 knowledge. The event was great. Talks and photos are online. We look back at a great event!

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Magento 2 Development Training

February 19th 2016, Netherlands

Are you ready for Magento 2? The architecture of Magento 2 is quite different from Magento 1. Building shops means that you get yourself familiar with Dependency Injection, Plugins, preferences, proxies and factories. On February 19th we will put together an extremely useful training, to quickly introduce you to Magento 2 development. An optimal quickstart for an extremely price.

Our #magento2 work in progress

  • On February 19th we will organize a Magento 2 Development training in The Netherlands
  • We are working hard on converting our extensions to Magento 2. See our FAQ
  • As Zend fan, we will also be working on spreading the word on Magento 2 plus PHP 7
  • All our extensions are PHP 7 ready.
  • Make sure to checkout out our FAQ for more details
  • Vm2Mage and MageBridge will be exploded in multiple modules, and offered for Magento 2 as well