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Schedule for live training

Hyvä Checkout Development
1 day (Dutch but this could change if needed)
Apr 15
09:30 - 16:30
Hyvä Checkout Development
1 day (Dutch but this could change if needed)
May 29
09:30 - 16:30

Do these dates not fit you well? Feel free to contact us to see what other options there might be.

Jisse Reitsma

Your teacher Jisse Reitsma

Jisse Reitsma is the developer of 60+ Magento extensions and has given technical Magento trainings for years. Besides his ability to understand complex technology, he is skilled in making this knowledge understandable for everyone. With him, you can expect in-to-depth guidance plus lots of practical tips. Jisse is the mastermind of MageTestFest, Reacticon and MageUnconference and former Magento Master.

Training in a better Magento checkout

After the success of Hyvä Themes, we now have the Hyvä Checkout - a fresh MageWire-based checkout mechanism, extensible, flexible and much more. However, new tech also requires a learning curve. With our course, you can shorten that curve and get started quickly.


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Course introduction
Meet Hyvä
Hyvä and checkouts

Or browse through all lessons in our courseware portal

We are constantly updating our courseware, but the following is a real-life snapshot
Course introduction free 03m 03s
Meet Hyvä free 04m 31s
Hyvä and checkouts free 05m 20s
Hyvä Checkout free 04m 33s
Requirements for this course free 03m 35s
My Development Setup free 04m 53s
Magewire installation free 05m 25s
Troubleshooting MageWire installation  
What is MageWire? free 06m 10s
Hyvä Checkout installation free 08m 03s
Configuring Hyvä Checkout free 07m 59s
Create a custom Hyvä Theme free 06m 38s
Customize styling   19m 29s
Debugging MageWire   02m 29s
Using the LiveWire DevTools   05m 03s
Example module with MageWire free 11m 48s
Binding handlers   12m 31s
Magewire with lists   14m 38s
Modifiers   23m 20s
Example counter with MageWire   08m 00s
Example counter with MageWire (advanced)   10m 02s
Switch a block template in Magewire   18m 58s
Magewiring forms   14m 00s
Magic actions   09m 42s
Add Hyva styling to your component   24m 41s
Combining MageWire with Alpine   29m 22s
Initializing content via `wire:init`   07m 58s
How MageWire loads data   07m 51s
MageWire HTTP calls   16m 22s
Component classes   15m 32s
MageWire, ViewModel or Block?   02m 50s
Component hooks   09m 17s
Client-side hooks   04m 26s
Events and listeners   16m 39s
JavaScript events   04m 20s
Magento events   11m 34s
Different events, different scenarios   03m 09s
Nesting components  
Strong typing and Magewire  
Dom Diffing issues  
A product finder based on Magewire free 00m 07s
Adding Magewire to the minicart  
Hyva Checkout architecture overview  
The XML layout of Hyva Checkout  
Blocks, ViewModels and Components  
Conditions & update handles  
Customizing things  
JavaScript events in checkout  
Magento observable events  
MageWire events  
Magewiring the address  
Form components  
Modifying form fields  
Checkout progress bar  
Reordering steps in the checkout   20m 07s
Additional EAV shipping address field   13m 16s
Additional step in the checkout   26m 28s
In-store pickup   18m 43s
The Magewire JavaScript object  
Payment methods  

These videos are available as an On-Demand video training (with notes). See the pricing for details.

These are the options we give you

At your place or ours?

Everyone learns at her/his own pace. We provide both in-house training and public training throughout Europe - whatever suits your team best. When 3 or more developers are attending, a custom training is often more economical. Contact us for more details.

You'll get courseware

Every workshop is accompanied with official Yireo coursematerial. Attendees are sent a digital version of this material after the training. It contains slides, comments and references. Additionally, our GitHub repos contain numerous more code samples.

Online classrooms

Online trainings are also our training: Via Zoom or Google Hangout sessions, our teacher is able to connect with your team. The benefit here is that the team is able to connect from various places itself as well, timeframes are more flexible. Afterwards, a video recording will be shared with all attendees for reference.

On-demand self-paced training

This training is also available as an On-Demand training: Via numerous video lessons, including accompanying student notes (equalling a book on their own), you'll learn about the topics in your own pace. And when you bump into questions, you can fall back to the teachers guidance.

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We are a Hyvä Partner

Yireo has been a partner of Hyvä since day 1

We have worked together with Hyvä since the beginning - brainstorms on a React Checkout, promotions via Reacticon and obviously our training program being focused on Hyvä. We are proud to be an official Hyvä Partner.

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Training topics

Explore your topics of choice

Target group

Target group

  • Webdesigners
  • Frontend developers
  • Programmers


  • Expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Solid in Magento XML layout and PHTML templating
  • Skilled in Magento backend including DI configuration and modules
  • Knowledge of Hyva Themes is a big benefit (including Alpine and TailwindCSS)

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a minimum number of attendees listed. What does this mean?

The training is only held as a physical classroom when there is a minimum number of attendees. This number is usually 4 but sometimes we bring this down to 2 or 3. This minimum number simply means that if a class is not "full", either you get a refund or your ticket is transferred to another date. With On-Demand courses (video courses), this number is not applicable.

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