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Magento 2 developer training

A complex application requires a thorough explanation

We love Magento for its community and for its technology. Since Magento 1.X we have been offering training but the real exciting changes (headless, microservices, SOA) are still ahead of us. And you can be sure that Yireo will be able to lead your developers the way.

Select your personal Magento frontend stack

Magento has changed over the years. You no longer deal with a monolithic system. Instead you need to make a choice regarding the frontend stack that you prefer: Magento is going headless.
FrontendJavaScript frameworkMagento packages
Traditional Magento 2 frontendRequireJS, KnockoutJS, jQueryLuma, Blank or SnowdogLearn more
Magento PWA StudioReact, GraphQLVenia UI + PeregrineLearn more
Vue Storefront 1 & NextVue, NuxtJSCapybara, Storefront UILearn more
Hyvä ThemesAlpineJS, TailwindCSSHyva Default Theme, Hyvä AdminLearn more

Overwhelmed? Hire us for a quick consult

Overwhelmed by this magnitude options. Indeed, it slowly becomes challenging to pick the right frontend stack for your developers. Contact us for a consult to guide you into the frontend that fits you (and your clients) best.

Our extensions lead to knowledge

For years, Yireo has been building Magento extensions - free and commercial - to add handy features to the Magento core. These extensions are not only a learning ground for Yireo, they also provide handles for third party developers. And additionally, we try to set examples by keeping code quality as high as we can, not only by following common standards like PSR-1, PSR-2, Object Calisthenics and SOLID principles, but also the consolidated Magento Coding Standard and ExtDN guidelines.

To the extensions

There are no scheduled live trainings available

At this moment, there are no trainings scheduled in our agenda. However, we are always busy with planning more, so make sure to check out our online agenda. Alternatively, checkout our on-demand content or feel free to contact us for a custom in-company training.


MageTestFest - Magento, testing and a party

Once in 2017 (The Netherlands) and once in 2019 (Italy), MageTestFest formed the starting point for many developers to get started with testing seriously: Not only using proven methods like unit testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing, but also other topics like property-based testing, CI pipelines and MFTF were discussed. Because of this, it has been of great value for the professionalizing of the ecosystem. MageTestFest was organized by Yireo and the entire concept of having a single in-depth topic-specific event was a brainfart of Yireo.




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