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Magento 2 Backend Development II

Magento 2 Backend Development II training

Magento 2 Backend Development II training

Magento 2 has arrived. This training is the second part of our Magento 2 developer training that gives developers a kickstart to start developing in Magento 2. Part one focussed on Dependency Injection and composer. This training focuses on practicing DI, building a backend module and advanced topics like unit testing.


Our Magento 2 trainings are not part of the Magento U program. However, Yireo is known for providing training with high quality. Many M2 developers have reached official certification, thanks to Yireo. Additionally, we can supply our own Yireo Training Certificates.

In-house or public?

Everyone learns at her/his own pace. We provide both in-house training and public training throughout Europe - whatever suits your team best. When 3 or more developers are attending, a custom training is often more economical. Contact us for more details.


Every workshop is accompanied with official Yireo coursematerial. Attendees are sent a digital version of this material after the training. It contains slides, comments and references. Additionally, our GitHub repos contain numerous more code samples.

Diving into depth into Magento 2

Magento 2 development is quite different from Magento 1 development. Dependency Injection allows you to change which class is used, but in practice it takes also knowledge of the Magento Framework. This training is part 2 of 2: Part 1 focused on Dependency Injection configuration, composer and deployments. This training takes that knowledge and uses it to cover MVC and modelling, EAV and database interaction, observers, backend widgets and unit testing.


  • Observers and events
  • Examples with DI
  • Modules with database models and EAV
  • Unit testing with PHPUnit
  • Backend UIcomponents
  • Optimizing Magento 2 performance




Knowledge of Magento 1 or 2 XML layout
Knowledge of Magento 2 Dependency Injection and composer
(Part 1 of this training is recommended)
Experience with PHP OOP

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The teacher: Jisse Reitsma

Jisse Reitsma is the lead developer of 60+ Magento extensions and has given technical Magento trainings for years. Besides his ability to understand complex technology, he is skilled in making this knowledge understandable for everyone. With him, you can expect in-to-depth guidance plus lots of practical tips. Jisse is part of the Zend Z-Team, creator of MageTestFest & Reacticon and has been awarded Magento Master "Mover" 2017.

  • Magento Master 2017 & 2018
  • Board member of ExtDN
  • Organisor Reacticon & MageTestFest
  • Yireo owner, enterpreneur and trainer
  • Former Zend Z-Team member
  • Former Linux, HP-UX & VMware ESX teacher

Thus it came to be

When Jisse started with Magento, he already had years of experience programming in Joomla (back in the days when Joomla was actually the number 1 CMS). Back then, open source cart solutions were lacking and Magento 1.0 brought a lot of hope. Quickly Jisse dive into the new architecture: In 2009, he built his first extensions among which the basis of a bridge between Joomla and Magento (MageBridge) and various project-specific extensions (among which payment providers and custom MVC/EAV modules).

A relieve

Over the years, he experienced what most Magento developers experienced with M1: A lot of power, but also frustration. After a couple of years, it no longer was cutting-edge and it barely embraced new developer standards. When the new Magento 2.0 alpha 1 came out, Jisse started playing with it. And he was relieved to see modern tools in its architecture: Composer, PHP namespacing, testability, CLI-driven management, proper design patterns. Again, after building some modules and dummy projects, the first Magento 2 developer training was given in January 2017 (2 months after the official release) and numerous M2 trainings have followed.

Frontend sagas

Currently, with Magento 2 being several years old now, the fuzz is no longer about the backend architecture: It is the frontend that matters. Jisse has given numerous frontend development trainings, where people complain about LESS (and not SASS) being used, loading times to be slow (while in fact M2 allows for enough tuning to make it bloody fast), an archaic combo of Knockout/RequireJS (while they both serve their purpose in regards to backwards compatibility). PWA is the new keyword. Jisse has dived into React, Redux & service workers in combination with GraphQL and NodeJS tools. He is currently working in various initiatives to help developers embrace the new frontend stack.

As of yet, it is fair to say that Magento holds little surprises for Jisse. He is your guy to train you or your developers properly in both backend and frontend technology.