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Yireo training room

Details on our office space & training facility

Located in the town of Baarn in The Netherlands, our office gives room for training, hackathons, meetings and more.


Academies, trainings and workshops

The main reason to have an official space is to organize academies, trainings and workshops on our own location. This gives us the ability to guarantee a solid setup, plenty of space, good atmosphere. Right in the center of Baarn, a little town in the center of The Netherlands.

Read-to-go classroom

Our rooms are meant to be multifunctional: Two rooms (60m2 and 40m2) with a total of 26 workspaces for eager people to learn shizzle. It makes up not only for classical classrooms, but also U-based setups, different workspace-islands and even a larger chairs-only setup with up to 80 seats.


Relics of our events

Our office is used for training, workshops, meetings and hackathons. But numerous relics of past events (Magento 2 Seminar, Reacticon, MageTestFest, MageUnconference) also find its way to our office, ranging from helmets to books, from shirts to banners, from beer coasters to lego stones.

Company address

Amalialaan 126D
-1.16B (basement)
3743 KJ Baarn
The Netherlands
Planet Earth


Excellent food and drinks

Instead of external catering, we often arrange for our own food: This could be simple bread-based lunch, this could be excellent food cooked up by spouses. Sometimes vegetarian or vegan, sometimes non-vegetarian - it is up to the group. We do like good coffee. And our fridge is filled with plenty of other drinks and icecream if needed.

Meetings, trainings and hackathons

The office is not in use for training all the time, we find plenty of other opportunities: Sometimes the office is turned into a recording studio (because the basement is really quiet) or simply a working space for the Yireo team. Sometimes it hosts a meeting or a hackathon. And we are open for hosting non-Yireo classes as well, if you need a room. Let us know what you need.


This is where we hangout

Slowly, we are exploring the room even more: Already we have watched movies - in the evenings, nobody else is there, and a monster TV guarantees fun. This is where Yireo hangs out, this is where we work & brainstorm. This is where our ideas are born.


Enter the Amalialaan

Our address is Amalialaan 126D (room -1.16B in the basement / souterrain), 3743 KJ Baarn. The location is easy to reach by car. There are plenty of free parking spaces. The property is also a 2-minute walk from Baarn train station, which is a seven minute one-way ride from Amersfoort, a beautiful historic city with plenty of entertainment for the evening. Likewise, Amsterdam is only half an hour by train.


Royal Baarn

Baarn (or to be precise, Paleis Soestdijk) has been the home of the royal family for a long time. Nearby the office, at walking distance, there are two forests. Baarn is beautiful but quiet. There are plenty of options to stay in the historical town of Amersfoort, such as the NH Hotel and Mercure Hotel - both close to Amersfoort Central Station.

Yireo is manifesting itself

Yireo was founded with a manifest: 4 bullet points to give direction. Ever since we booted up Yireo in 2011, we have been expanding upon its purpose. And a training facility is definitely part of this vision. We are happy to share it. So if you need a classroom like this one, please let us know so we can see if we can partner up.