About Yireo in The Netherlands

Yireo has always been Dutch. But with an English site, an international audience and a portfolio that serves the world-wide community, it is nice to point out how we are still connected to The Netherlands.

Our roots are in The Netherlands

Yireo its office is located in Baarn and the company is registered in Almere. This makes Yireo a 100% Dutch company. Originally, we served Dutch clients, organized local meetups. But after, Yireo was much more oriented towards an international audience: Clients abroad, extension sales throughout the world and training that take place throughout Europe. We almost forgot our heritage.

It is only for the last couple of years that we have been circling back to the Dutch community. We are back with Dutch events, local meetups and hackathons, helping out Dutch agencies.


A new Dutch Magento community

In November 2022, the association of Mage-OS Nederland was founded. In January, we held our first member meeting - in an old warehouse in the center of Utrecht. It was chaotic but fun. And the new Dutch community became a fact.

Mage-OS Nederland

In 2022, Jisse Reitsma (founder of Yireo) started a new initiative to revive the Dutch Magento community. And with success: First some drinks were organized to allow for feedback. Next, the association Mage-OS Nederland was founded. And in June 2022, the first joint-venture was kicked off with Yireo and Mage-OS Nederland organizing the MageUnconference Netherlands in Utrecht.


Yireo has organized many events already

And we plan to keep doing this until we drop

Our events

In the past we have organized many events already: The Magento 2 Seminars of 2016, the MageTestFest Amersfoort of 2017, next twice Reacticon in 2018, MageTestFest Florence in 2019. And then twice Reacticon online, due to COVID.

In July 2023, we organized the MageUnconference NL in Fort aan de Klop, Utrecht. In total, 160 people showed up to collaborate on code, discuss various topics and simply have a lot of fun. Yireo is also going to attend (but not organize) Meet Magento Netherlands. The Dutch community has revived.