At Yireo, we love Zend stuff: We develop with Zend Studio, we run Zend Server as local environment and obviously we are making all our code compatible with the upcoming PHP 7. However, this news made us even more love Zend: They released a technology preview of Z-Ray which runs standalone on any webserver!

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So there's this guy named Joe - it's not Average Joe, Joe is really his name, though it might be Joseph instead. Joe had a great idea in his mind and that's the idea that we can help each other out in the Joomla community, even if we are helpless with coding. The keyword is: JFeedback.

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If you are following Magento in the news, it should not come as a surprise. If this is new to you, you should take action, right after reading this post. Some security issues have been discovered in Magento, and this requires security patches to be installed ASAP. Let's see what this is all about. And let's see what you should do to secure your Magento.

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Yireo has been orientating itself on education for many years already. Now that we have released our first book - Programming Joomla Plugins by Jisse Reitsma - we are happy to announce our next move: Trainings. As a first start, we have scheduled 2 group trainings in The Netherlands. And we are also planning to offer online trainings of some sorts as well. What's up?

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[Disclaimer: April Fools prank] We are proud to announce a new CMS that will blow you away: Rambo CMS. It is a fork from the current Joomla 3.4 branch, and it will bring you those pieces that are missing in Joomla: Quick development of new features, agile working teams and above all, a platform you will love. Come and join us! 

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