Now that the Programming Joomla Plugins book is out there and selling, our designer Ruben Creemers is also sharing his creative work with the crowd. Or should I say art? He created the book cover, the page layouts, typography, banners, advertizements - all with an eye for awesomeness. And he even laid the wooden floor himself that brings out the book on artistic photos so nicely. Checkout his blog!


Yireo is in the business of sharing. We develop some software, share it for free and than earn money by providing paid support on top of it. We love doing this. There's a lot we do that we don't share though. Here's a listing, to share some things with you anyway.

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For the past couple of weeks, we have been working hard to release new versions of our WebP extensions for Joomla and Magento. WebP is an innovative new image format of Google and it allows you to downsize your images incredibly: Smaller downloads, faster websites. Now, with our extensions, you can benefit from this easily. So how does it work?

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