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You will notice Jisse his knowledge and experience in just a few moments. Despite the many topics, there is still depth that gives you that little bit of extra information to improve your work. These courses are highly recommended!
Tristan Nederhoff (Vendic)
Jisse gives cool training courses that you can put to good use in practice. Besides being informative, it is also fun to listen to.
Roy van Os (Active Ants)
Jisse explains the relevant technology in an understandable way that is very useful in practice. The training is intensive, at a high level and of great added value because important concepts are made clear and you receive many useful tips.
Oscar Hilbelink (Madia)
A crash course by Yireo is like to be Neo learning Kung Fu
Tjitse Efdé (Vendic)
These trainings form a pressure cooker of what a developer would otherwise learn in a year
Sabine de Vos (Modern Minds)
Jisse understands how you can put your brain to work and keep you constantly on the edge of your seat
Kayne Spikker (Modern Minds)
The training made pure abstraction manageable and digestible
Marko Beenink (Mountain IT)
I have made use of Yireo its full range of both on-demand courses as well as classroom courses during my development career. Yireo its courses provide me with just that extra that no other courses have yet been able to: the encouragement to think outside the box.
Isolde van Oosterhout (Sols Webdesign)
Jisse challenges my thinking by asking questions during the course, showing edge case implementations and pointing out the various hurdles to consider when developing software.
Isolde van Oosterhout (Sols Webdesign)
Yireo's video training has helped us immensely to give our PHP developers a flying start with their retraining as Magento developers. We will soon see that developers can be deployed on our Magento platforms
Kevin van Hengst (FRMWRK)
Very informative and useful training! Even though I already have 3+ years of Magento experience, there was enough information from which I learned new things.
Renze Dijkstra (E-tales)
Jisse gave a very interesting, practical and well-constructed story about the Magento 2 jungle
Peter Keijsers (Experius)
As a newcomer to the Magento world, the Magento academy has given me a solid foundation for Magento 2. I benefit greatly from this in my daily work as a Frontend Developer. In addition, lunch was always well taken care of and you did not lack anything during the training sessions!
Kevin de Bie (MaxServ)
This academy covered everything that Magento 2 has to offer. No stone was left unturned. Definitely recommended if you want to gain experience in the world of Magento, whether you are a junior or a senior developer who is just entering the world of Magento.
Kevin van Welzenis (Vendic)
At Yireo you will quickly get to know the world of Magento with all the new best practices.
Kevin van Welzenis (Vendic)
The training was great! We learned all the golden nuggets, presented clearly and accessible. Essential for anyone who works or will work with Magento!
Rick Bouma (Epartment)
Structured training measured my general knowledge of e-commerce and Magento is verbal. Goal achieved!
Erwin de Groot (Vendic)
Fast paced, in-depth introduction to Hyvä Checkout and Magewire. Jisse truly is an experienced and knowledgable teacher who offers courses for small groups of people with enough room for questions and participation of all participants
Ingmar de Vos (Mountain IT)
When Jisse starts talking about Magento, something interesting always comes up. The Hyvä Checkout training is no exception. Whether you have worked with it a lot or a little, Jisse takes you to the internals of the checkout and explains why it works the way it does. So that you then have a solid foundation on which to continue working independently.
Michiel Gerritsen (Control-Alt-Delete)
Even when you think you know a few things about Magento, Jisse still manages to tell you about useful details that you never thought about.
Ruben Zuidervaart (Epartment)
After the Magento 2 bootcamp, my fear of cold feet has subsided. Jisse gives a broad picture of Magento 2 and I now understand a lot better what is possible.
Maartje Meering (MDL Online)