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Shopware 6 developer training

Enter a fresh e-commerce system that makes sense

Shopware 6 is based on Symfony and Vue - two technologies that are proving to be a wise choice: Shops can only become competitive if they innovate. And innovation requires customizations by developers. With Shopware 6, those developers can focus on the project easily, thanks to its understandable architecture. And we can help you adopt Shopware 6 fast and efficiently.

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Yireo has created 24 hours of videos to help newcomers

Vue in the backend, Vue in the frontend

VueJS is used to enrich the API-driven headless admin pages. On top of this, Shopware 6 adds its own PWA solution - Shopware PWA - based on Vue Storefront Next (which is again based on NuxtJS). We are happy to increase your Vue skills where added, or help you get started with backend development, frontend development and PWA development.


A PHP fundament in Symfony

Shopware 6 used Symfony for its internal core: And not a twisted form, no, a pure implementation of Symfony so that any Symfony developer is to start with Shopware easily. For newcomers, there is more to this than just routing, commands and services. Think service decorators, think setter injection, think overrides. With our Shopware 6 developer training, you'll get to learn the basics fast, plus you'll be shown the magic that you will need in practice.

There are no scheduled live trainings available

At this moment, there are no trainings scheduled in our agenda. However, we are always busy with planning more, so make sure to check out our online agenda. Alternatively, checkout our on-demand content or feel free to contact us for a custom in-company training.

Some of the customers that we have trained in the past years

Yireo is a Shopware partner

In 2020, we started to partner up with Shopware patner as a training partner and a knowledge partner. The end-result is a portfolio of developer training, online and in English, but also a working together to increase Shopware awareness amongst Magento developers. Additionally, Shopware sponsored and attended Reacticon in October 2020, which is by origin a Magento headless conference, but is now quickly adopting other e-commerce systems as well.