Yireo Extensions

Professional extensions for Magento 2 and Shopware 6

We build solid, reliable Magento 2 & Shopware 6 extensions, so that you can build shops efficiently: Our extensions range from handy little tools to more advanced code that saves you time.

Our extensions are all free

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Add GTM to Magento including GA4 support


Delete orders safely and reliably from your Magento 2 database


Preview any transactional email in your Magento 2 backend


Handy CLI commands for managing Magento themes

Magento EU Tax Rates

Tax rates in CSV managed by the community


Quick fix for CSP whitelisting any inline JS

Disable CSP

If you do not like it, disable it

Admin Auto Login

Automatically login to your Shopware 6 Administration


Serve smaller images to modern browsers like Chrome


Integrate Whoops in Magento and prettify your exception pages

Easier Extension Attributes

Making Magento extension attributes easier to implement


Quickly validate Magento 2 extensions using various coding practices

Composer Replace Tool

Remove composer packages from the Magento core


Update & create tax rates automatically, when you are sleeping


Include more than just Magento categories in the main menu

List Entities

CLI for listing Shopware 6 entities


Stop wasting time on orders that you need to reverse anyway


Send initial CSS and JS faster to browsers using HTTP/2 preload


Preview the checkout success page anytime you want to customize it

Integration Testing Helper

Helper for your Shopware 6 integration tests


Prevent GraphQL query and mutation attacks

Theme Override Checker

Manage your Magento theme overrides better

GraphQl QueryLimiter

Easily customize settings for the GraphQL Query Limiter

List Decorators

CLI for listing service decorators in Shopware 6

Endpoints for GraphQl

Additional GraphQL endpoints for developing headless Magento shops

Sync GraphQl Session

Make sure the GraphQL token is in sync with a regular session


Reindex Magento indices from within your Magento 2 Admin Panel


Automatically wipe the Magento cache when changing the configuration

Disable ServiceWorker

Turn off the ServiceWorker for the Magento Admin Panel

File Link Mapper

Map folders between Docker host and container in Shopware 6

Twig Env

Expose ENV in your Shopware 6 Twig templates

Additional config commands

Handy additions for dealing with the Shopware 6 system:config commands

Additional user commands

Handy additions for dealing with the Shopware 6 users from the CLI

Additional customer commands

Handy additions for dealing with the Shopware 6 customer from the CLI

SystemInfo command

CLI for gathering info on your Shopware 6 environment
I have made use of Yireo its full range of both on-demand courses as well as classroom courses during my development career. Yireo its courses provide me with just that extra that no other courses have yet been able to: the encouragement to think outside the box.
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