Educational Subscription

Let's work together continuously to uplift your team

Technology is updated every day. As an agency, your challenge is to keep up to date, with a focus of what is relevant to your company. By having Yireo as your education partner, this task is simplified. We got your back.

A constant educational focus

A constant educational focus

If you are serious about skills in your team

Having skilled developers requires more than just a couple of training sessions. It requires an ongoing effort to educate the newcomers, expand upon the knowledge of experienced developers. And as an agency, this also requires you to map out a learning plan, keep track of skills per developer, plan ahead. This is where our educational subscriptions come in. You invest on a monthly basis, we dedicate time & effort to you and your team.

What is included

Regular training

A subscription has a three-month minimum, allowing us both to invest in this relationship. After this initial period, the subscription can be canceled (or paused) every month. We are flexible.

Limited edition

Because Yireo is a small company, the number of subscriptions per month is limited. The available time of Yireo is shared between agencies, but also across various open source projects. But a subscription still guarantees a dedicated focus, which will be good for us both.

Knowledge fields

One subscription includes all of the knowledge fields that Yireo is active in: Magento 2, Shopware, Vue, Docker, React, Symfony, you name it. Let's openly communicate which expertises of Yireo would lead to which skill increase in your agency.

A subscription for blended learning

A subscription for blended learning

Different people, different needs

Everybody has a different way of learning: You can be visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Some people prefer videos, some people interaction, some people just want to code. With our educational subscriptions, we facilitate this all. There will be online classrooms, on-site sessions, video tutorials, coding challenges, guided learning, Q&A, mentorship. This is not just a self-learning experience, we are doing this together. We dedicate our time and energy to making you grow, with whatever means.

Do you need regular training, access to courseware at any time and a professional guidance of your developers?

That's what our training subscriptions offer!

There are too few developers in the market, outsourcing often does not deliver the right quality and there are only more and more projects popping up. By increasing the skill level of current developers, they can become more efficient in their asks, therefore be more productive.

Specific scenarios

There are various scenarios for which an education subscription is useful:

  • Onboarding new developers
  • Lifting the workload of senior developers
  • Guiding trainees with low effort
  • Preparing developers for certification
  • Setting up a PWA / headless strategy
  • Setting up a skill matrix
  • Take less time to do the same
  • Setting up a strategy for Magento vs Shopware
  • Help with job interviews
  • Setup learning plan
  • Help with skill assessment

The world beyond Yireo

We are not the only ones holding knowledge. There are other online resources that we will recommend - books, tutorials, video courses, other teachers with a specific expertise. Additionally, we recommend attending meetups & conferences, organizing pizza nights or brown bag lunches. Increasing skills is not only about mental focus, it can be a social thing as well. To connect to the community and increase the team spirit.

Knowledge management

Good developers are scarce. Therefore, the process of onboarding new developers and increasing the skills of existing developers should be made as efficient as possible. Yireo has educated developers for more than 15 years and guarantees a maximized benefit of training.

But there is more: Developers need to find the relevant knowledge quickly. Internal standards need to be communicated. Skills need to be synced. Think wikis, interviews, personal development programs, skill matrix, assessments and a knowledge base. We can help you set this up, as part of our educational subscriptions. We are not just an external trainer, we are your partner when it comes to knowledge management.

A courseware portal - learning on demand

For regular training, we have created an online courseware portal that gives access to slides, student notes and recordings belonging to a specific training. This portal is currently being expanded to hold more materials: Full code examples, pre-recorded videos and written tutorials. This allows for you to study things in your own pace and for us, to add focus to in-person sessions. New content will also be prioritized by your own specific needs. And you will have access to unlimited updates to all material.