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Experience the joy of Vue & VueStoreFront

Building a frontend in Vue is an easy and exciting process. It is not only about the basics, but developing also involves architectural brainstorms, agile refactoring and vision of microservices. We love Vue and we are proud to offer both Vue and VueStoreFront training to the developer community.

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Yireo is a VueStoreFront partner

We are proud to be an official partner of VueStoreFront when it comes to training and education. Our portfolio includes both Vue basic training and VueStoreFront training to help Magento developers embrace the exciting platform that VSF offers. Already, we have organized a VueStoreFront hackathon together with Vendic and we promise you, more is yet to follow.

The Laravel connection

Originally, Yireo has started as a PHP-oriented agency and in that, Laravel played a vital role. Currently, we still build PHP apps using Laravel, Slim and Zend Expressive. And it is exciting to see that the Laravel distribution has chosen Vue to drive its AJAX-oriented pages and handle dynamic content in a slick way, thanks to VueJS.

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