Yireo Education

We help your devs to get up-to-speed quickly

Grow your knowledge by learning from the best: We help you by organizing cool developer events, professional in-depth trainings and free to attend meetups.

The Methodology of Yireo

Explaining things properly is our thing

Everyone learns differently: Auditory, visually, self-study, doing it. We believe in a personal approach, so that everyone is able to grow as efficient as possible.

Our training models

On-Demand Videos

We offer numerous online video tutorials, plus assignments plus additional notes, via our Yireo Courseware Portal

Classroom training

Via academies, bootcamps, masterclasses, workshops and other training types, we help out groups of people with a teacher-led approach

Teacher support

Teacher-led sessions give additional guidance. Either in-person or via email & slack, whenever you need help or have uncertainties


Time to get your hands dirty: By playing with the code (without deadlines or pressure), knowledge is digested quicker


Attending events increases developer happiness. And events do we have: MageTestFest, MageUnconference NL, Reacticon, ...


A training is one thing, helping people adopt new techniques in practice is another. We can help developers in a team but also with 1-on-1 support.

Code reviews

Need a in-depth review of an extension? An audit of an entire site? Or review PRs? We can teach what goes wrong where.

These trainings form a pressure cooker of what a developer would otherwise learn in a year
Sabine de Vos (Modern Minds)

Blended Learning

Merging live trainings with On-Demand online courses: Yireo Blended Learning gives you the combination for modern-day learning. You'll study things at your own pace. However, whenever you feel you're stuck, you can fallback to the teachers with questions or request clearifications.

Customer quotes

You will notice Jisse his knowledge and experience in just a few moments. Despite the many topics, there is still depth that gives you that little bit of extra information to improve your work. These courses are highly recommended! Tristan Nederhoff (Vendic)
Even when you think you know a few things about Magento, Jisse still manages to tell you about useful details that you never thought about. Ruben Zuidervaart (Epartment)
Yireo's video training has helped us immensely to give our PHP developers a flying start with their retraining as Magento developers. We will soon see that developers can be deployed on our Magento platforms Kevin van Hengst (FRMWRK)
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