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Do you have any questions on our trainings & services? Do you want to ask us for new extension features? Or do you just want let us know your ideas? We are happy to talk to you about all this.

Guidelines so we can help you in the best way

  • Please write your questions in English, so that no translation is needed.
  • If you are referring to a specific extension or service, please mention that in your message. We are very active with numerous different projects, so it is important that you mention the specific topic.

We hope to reply to your message as soon as possible. You can expect a reply usually within 24-hours during business hours. Note that we are closed during the weekend and at night. Our timezone is UTC+1 (Amsterdam > Netherlands > Europe).

Increase your knowledge level professionally

We can train you!

Yireo has been giving training for years in Europe on advanced Magento 2 topics. Do you need new employees to get up-to-speed on M2 quickly and efficiently? Do you have a downtime of minutes when deploying to production (while it should be seconds or none)? Are you having a hard time getting started with PWA, React, Redux and GraphQL? Want to get started with (unit, integration and functional) testing?

We are here to help you out! With our training, you can stay ahead of the crowd.



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