Shopware 6 Development I course

A quick-paced but thorough coverage of Shopware 6 backend development

A quick-paced but thorough coverage of Shopware 6 backend development

Shopware 6 offers a solid codebase, with its code being based on the Symfony PHP framework, that is easily extended and customized. This PHP backend developer training gives a kickstart into bundle development, not only with the basics (like a CLI command and routing) but the advanced parts as well (decorators, entities, etc).

Jisse Reitsma

Your teacher Jisse Reitsma

Jisse is a familiar face in the Shopware community: He worked together with Shopware to create a series of videos (totalling 24 hours) to help Magento developers on-board Shopware. Besides this, he also worked together with Rico Neitzel to put together an official Shopware training curriculum. And he has contributed to numerous Shopware extensions in the past years.

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Schedule for live training

Jun 18, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024
Shopware Backend Development Bootcamp
Sep 9, 2024 - Sep 12, 2024
Shopware Backend Development Bootcamp
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Nov 18, 2024 - Nov 21, 2024
Shopware Backend Development Bootcamp
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This course has been updated for compatibility with Shopware 6.6

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We are constantly updating our courseware, but the following is a real-life snapshot
Required Knowledge
Key facts about Shopware 6
API overview
Structure of the database
Overview of platform bundles
Symfony services in Shopware 6
Dependency Injection in Shopware
Playing with wiring
Using factories
Extending services
About the Symfony kernel
Working with Context
Working with CLI
Tips and tricks
Quiz: Architecture
Quiz: Service modifications
Introducing plugins
Files and folders
Creating a plugin
Adding a plugin configuration
Lifecycle methods in a plugin
Managing dependencies
Service definition in PHP or YAML
Plugin resources
Creating a CLI command
Injecting services into a command
Finding available Events
Event listeners and subscribers
Triggering your own event
Example with product.loaded event
Code example with event dispatching and handling
Subscribing to Twig templating events
Types of controllers
Creating a JSON controller
Creating a page controller
Adding flash messages
Common Storefront controller tasks
Injecting dependencies in a controller
Overloading controllers
Dealing with SEO URLs
Configuration-based routes
Using the Store API
Examples of using the Store API
Creating a Store API Route
OpenAPI annotation
Creating a Store API Route
Indexing products and other entities
Working with the filesystem
Dealing with different currencies
Setter injection
Dependency Injection
Container extensions
Loading additional configuration files

Full access to all videos and other coursematerial is available for attendees of live trainings.

This course has been updated for compatibility with Shopware 6.6
Target group

Target group

  • Trainees or interns that need to get hooked to Shopware
  • Junior backend developers that need to get kickstarted fast
  • Senior Shopware backenders who are looking for the finishing touch
Jisse explains the relevant technology in an understandable way that is very useful in practice. The training is intensive, at a high level and of great added value because important concepts are made clear and you receive many useful tips.
Oscar Hilbelink (Madia)


  • Skilled in PHP (namespaces, OOP, interfaces)
  • Some experience in Symfony or Laravel is recommended

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A crash course by Yireo is like to be Neo learning Kung Fu
Tjitse Efdé (Vendic)

Customer quotes

You will notice Jisse his knowledge and experience in just a few moments. Despite the many topics, there is still depth that gives you that little bit of extra information to improve your work. These courses are highly recommended! Tristan Nederhoff (Vendic)
The training was great! We learned all the golden nuggets, presented clearly and accessible. Essential for anyone who works or will work with Magento! Rick Bouma (Epartment)
Even when you think you know a few things about Magento, Jisse still manages to tell you about useful details that you never thought about. Ruben Zuidervaart (Epartment)
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