Magento GraphQL course

Learn how to use, but more importantly extend the GraphQL API of Magento

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Jisse Reitsma

Your teacher Jisse Reitsma

Learn how to use, but more importantly extend the GraphQL API of Magento

With the GraphQL API that Magento 2.3 introduced, it becomes possible to create your own headless frontend and detach yourself from the Magento monolith: Adobe PWA Studio, GraphCommerce and Vue Storefront 2 are living proof that this works. This course gives you all hands-on to extend upon the GraphQL API properly.


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Introduction to GraphQL
GraphQL queries
GraphQL call types

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We are constantly updating our courseware, but the following is a real-life snapshot
Introduction to GraphQL free 07m 14s
GraphQL clients   19m 04s
GraphQL queries free 16m 19s
GraphQL mutations   12m 53s
GraphQL call types free 07m 54s
GraphQL fragments   11m 42s
GraphQL directives  
GraphQL schema discovery and introspection  
Introducing the Magento GraphQL API   10m 11s
Adding a custom GraphQL endpoint free 18m 54s
Extending the product schemas  
Extending the GraphQL storeConfig endpoint free 17m 41s
Resolver $context argument  
GraphQL resolvers  
Testing GraphQL endpoints  
GraphQL URL resolving  
GraphQL caching  
Exception handling  
Tips and tricks with the GraphQL API  

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Target group

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  • Skilled in Magento 2 backend development
  • Some knowledge of Redux, Apollo Client and GraphQL is recommended

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The training is only held as a physical classroom when there is a minimum number of attendees. This number is usually 4 but sometimes we bring this down to 2 or 3. This minimum number simply means that if a class is not "full", either you get a refund or your ticket is transferred to another date. With On-Demand courses (video courses), this number is not applicable.

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