PWA Studio course

A proper outline of Venia, Peregrine, UPWARD and much much more

A proper outline of Venia, Peregrine, UPWARD and much much more

Adobe PWA Studio is alive and kicking: It is not a one-click solution though. But that's not its goal either: It serves as a framework for React developers to build their own GraphQL-driven frontend for Magento, using the libraries within PWA Studio as a jumping point. This training guides you into working with PWA Studio and its elements.


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Jisse Reitsma

Your teacher Jisse Reitsma

Jisse Reitsma is the main man behind Yireo. Author, trainer and developer. He is board member of Mage-OS Nederland and a three-times Magento Master.

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This course has been updated for compatibility with React 18 and Magento 2.4.7

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Introducing PWA
Other PWA providers
PWA Studio and extensibility

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We are constantly updating our courseware, but the following is a real-life snapshot
Introducing PWA free 18m 05s
Other PWA providers free 10m 46s
PWA Studio and extensibility free 12m 14s
Status of Magento GraphQL free 08m 50s
Architectural choices free 16m 43s
Hybrid React solutions 12m 08s
Introduction to PWA Studio free 16m 32s
React essentials free 09m 49s
Redux essentials free 10m 51s
Introducing Apollo Client 08m 56s
Getting started with Apollo Client 16m 10s
Making Apollo calls free 12m 12s
Including GraphQL files 15m 32s
Apollo Client v3
Minimum requirements free 08m 59s
Development tools 05m 31s
Prepare your Magento instance 11m 43s
Installing PWA Studio 16m 27s
First look at PWA Studio 11m 38s
Configuring PWA Studio 13m 40s
Reviewing the .env file 07m 19s
Upgrading PWA Studio 15m 03s
Overview of Buildpack 08m 48s
Introducing Venia free 18m 35s
Extending Venia free 27m 04s
Overriding components with the Fooman resolver 11m 23s
Changing the logo 11m 16s
Using prices 02m 58s
mergeClasses 08m 08s
Adding a new route 07m 07s
Working with the Mask component 17m 19s
Toasting 04m 54s
Best practices with Venia
Checkout in Venia 14m 40s
CSS strategies
Adding a custom Store View
Page Builder integration
Peregrine overview 04m 43s
App or RootComponent?
Talons of Peregrine 09m 59s
Example with product talon 07m 51s
Routing in PWA Studio 05m 46s
Context within PWA Studio 13m 36s
Redux within PWA Studio 11m 17s
Build it without Venia 11m 04s
Implementing Venia and Peregrine partially 09m 40s
Target interception 05m 06s
Creating a target interceptor free 08m 16s
Trusted vendors
Venia UI targets 09m 02s
Peregrine targets 09m 09s
Buildpack targets 09m 19s
Targetables 11m 08s
Declaring custom targets
PWA Studio extensions
Overview of UPWARD free 09m 46s
Running UPWARD free 12m 06s
UPWARD YAML configuration 09m 57s
Automatic image optimization free 09m 29s
Running Venia without UPWARD free 12m 39s
In production 09m 43s
Server Side Rendering 16m 03s
Summarizing Magento PWA Studio 01m 59s

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This course has been updated for compatibility with React 18 and Magento 2.4.7
Target group

Target group

  • Webdesigners
  • Frontend developers
  • Programmers
Jisse understands how you can put your brain to work and keep you constantly on the edge of your seat
Kayne Spikker (Modern Minds)


  • Skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Skilled with React (props, local state, hooks, routing, life-cycle)
  • Skilled in ES6 syntax (arrow functions, destructors, let/const)
  • Ability to run React on your local environment
  • Some knowledge of Redux, Apollo Client and GraphQL is recommended

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This training is also available as an On-Demand training: Via numerous video lessons, including accompanying student notes (equalling a book on their own), you'll learn about the topics in your own pace. And when you bump into questions, you can fall back to the teachers guidance.

When Jisse starts talking about Magento, something interesting always comes up. The Hyvä Checkout training is no exception. Whether you have worked with it a lot or a little, Jisse takes you to the internals of the checkout and explains why it works the way it does. So that you then have a solid foundation on which to continue working independently.
Michiel Gerritsen (Control-Alt-Delete)

Customer quotes

A crash course by Yireo is like to be Neo learning Kung Fu Tjitse Efdé (Vendic)
Structured training measured my general knowledge of e-commerce and Magento is verbal. Goal achieved! Erwin de Groot (Vendic)
You will notice Jisse his knowledge and experience in just a few moments. Despite the many topics, there is still depth that gives you that little bit of extra information to improve your work. These courses are highly recommended! Tristan Nederhoff (Vendic)
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The training is only held as a physical classroom when there is a minimum number of attendees. This number is usually 4 but sometimes we bring this down to 2 or 3. This minimum number simply means that if a class is not "full", either you get a refund or your ticket is transferred to another date. With On-Demand courses (video courses), this number is not applicable.