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yireo-profilerlog-100When Magento is performing badly, profiling is key: But the Magento profiler only allows you to profile a single page. What if the performance problems are occurring every time you are asleep? You will need to log those profiling-data. This is exactly what our ProfilerLog extension does.

Save profiler-data in the database

With the ProfilerLog, every request made to Magento is saved to the Magento database. But instead of saving SEO-relevant data, performance-relevant data are saved instead - the amount of PHP-memory consumed by the request; the amount of database-queries required; the name of the Magento controller serving the page; the total time spent in the database. All data is saved to a single profiler-table for later reference.

Drawing pie-charts and flow-charts

But the extension does more. Once the profiler-data is saved to the database, it is ready for analysis. The ProfilerLog extension ships with some backend-pages giving you a quick peak into what is important: Which modules are the most time-consuming? With which page-type the most database-queries are performed? But even cooler: When the PHP execution-time rises, does the database-time rise as well? That would indicate a database-issue. But if the database-time stays the same, the database is not the bottleneck, but something else is. Vital to know, before diving into hours of MySQL tuning.

In short: The ProfilerLog extension allows you to determine the bottleneck of your Magento application by looking at performance-data over a specific period. It is vital for any developer trying to improve Magento performance. And the graphs simply look cool as well!

profilerlog piechart