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Common FAQ

Can I still use my extension after the subscription expires?

Yes, you can. The software subscriptions we offer on our site give you two things:

  1. Access to the download-folders of that specific extension
  2. Support on that extension for the duration of the subscription

After the subscription has expired, you can still use the extension without limitations. Access to the download-folder is denied after the subscription expires, so make sure to download all files before that happens.

What kind of tax do you charge?

The tax that is charged for on our Yireo site is dependent on the address details you enter during checkout. People from outside the EU are not charged any tax at all. People within the EU will be charged Dutch tax.

Note that even though there is a EU regulation that excludes businesses from paying tax, we do not make use of that exception. Because tax is still required in European business-to-consumer transactions, the EU has setup very strict rules regarding the checking of tax-numbers and book-keeping. Currently we are unable to comply with these standards when it comes to low-cost extensions. Phrased differently, we do not reckognize B2B transactions within the EU. We treat all transactions as B2C transactions (regardless of what is filled in as business name) because we are unable to confirm that it's a B2B transaction. We apologize for this, but hope you understand that we focus on technology instead of administration. As soon as the EU makes it easier to register ICP transactions, we will definitely switch policy.

You will still pay the exact amount that would be paid if B2B transactions were accepted though. You can simply deduct the paid tax through your local tax agency, like you are used to with all other tax paid (probably during a period bookkeeping). See the European Commission site for more information, or contact your local tax agency for instructions.

We offer still a solution to make your payment be reckognized as B2B transaction: Instead of ordering through our online Yireo Shop, we can create an invoice manually which will include your VAT-number, and exclude taxes. However, we will also need to include additional administrative costs at 30 Euro per order. If this is an option for you, mail us at

How can I pay?

In the Yireo Shop we offer two methods for you to pay: PayPal and MultiSafePay. The latter is a payment provider giving support for VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, giropay, SOFORT and iDEAL. We do not accept payment through other methods than these.

It is possible to transfer money directly to us (PayPal manual transfer only), but we still require you to place an order through our Yireo Shop. Only with a valid order, a money transaction can be made legit.

Will I be charged every year?

We work with one-time only fees, we will not automatically renew your subscription for you. If you want to renew your subscription, you will need to renew this yourself.

Can I get a printed invoice?

Nowadays, electronic invoices are as good as printed invoices. There's no requirement anymore to send invoices through physical mail. Because our entire sales mechanism runs through the web, Yireo only sends out invoices electronically. These invoices can be printed out by yourself if you have a paper-based bookkeeping.

My order is pending

If the payment through our website fails, your order will be set to Pending. Once the payment has been done (for instance, through PayPal) then the order is set to Completed. If the payment transaction fails, the order will still be pending.

Reasons why the payment transaction might fail: Creditcard transaction was denied; Payment timeout was reached; PayPal did not confirm the PayPal order right away. If you have an order that is still pending while it should not, contact us so we can fix this.

Can I get a discount?

When we run promotions, we do not run them for you specifically, we run them for everybody to be fair. If you want to know about discounts, listen to our tweets (@yireo), watch our Facebook-page or subscribe to our blog. As soon as there is some kind of discount, we will definitely notify you through these challenges. Ofcourse, the world is about giving and taking, so if you have a proposal drop us a mail.