MageBridge platform

MageBridge adds a bridge between the Joomla! CMS and the Magento e-commerce platform - integrating them visually, but also offering usersync, additional performance, extension integration and much more.

There are so many features in MageBridge, which makes it hard to grasp the entire technology at once. Take your time and see how MageBridge is changing Joomla! e-commerce.

By combining Magento with Joomla!, MageBridge gives you a lot of options to build a professional webshop. Checkout the benefits you get when you adept the MageBridge technology.

MageBridge is a technology on its own: It's hard to explain how much you can do with it. Therefor it might be better just see it for yourself: Take a peek and see MageBridge in action.

Besides the main MageBridge core-extensions that actually build the bridge, there's a lot more to do with MageBridge - template-patches, free extensions, services.