New Relic for Magento

The New Relic service offers professional monitoring of your site and server performance. When analyzing Magento performance, this could prove vital.

This Magento extension adds extra debugging information to the webbased New Relic performance analysis tool. It is most vital when you want to use New Relic together with Magento.


Price Free
Current version 1.2.1 (Stable)
Requirements Magento CE 1.4 - 1.8
Magento EE 1.7 - 1.13
New Relic already installed on server
New Relic PHP-module ( installed
Download Download
Support Support Forum
License BSD (Simplified BSD License)
This extension is also listed on MagentoConnect

New Relic offers monitoring of your webapplications, by installing a daemon on the webserver and hooking into the PHP-core. This allows monitoring of specific PHP-functions. This Yireo extensions extends this behaviour so that additional Magento information can be logged.


Many thanks to Thomas Neumann with various contributions to version 1.2.0


The plugin has the following additional features:

  • The New Relic license-key (enabling you to monitor the Magento site under a specific New Relic account) can be set in the module-options.
  • Multiple Magento sites under the same webserver can be monitored through separate accounts.
  • The New Relic appname (application name) can be set through the module-options, allowing you to determine the application name (as it is displayed in the New Relic application-listing) at run time.
  • Browser times are measured and displayed in New Relic.

This is not an official New Relic product, and is not endorsed by New Relic.

Note that some of the functionality is only available with the New Relic Pro version: Custom metrics are only available through custom dashboards, which can only be created in the New Relic Pro subscriptions. Additionally, our Magento extension provides additional variables, which are only available with transaction tracking which again requires the Pro-version.

Quick setup

  • Make sure to install the New Relic PHP Agent first. See the New Relic site for details on this.
  • Make sure the New Relic PHP Agent is running.
  • Make sure that you are receiving data in your New Relic monitoring.
  • Install our Yireo_NewRelic extension for Magento. Go to the Downloads section on our site, and follow the instructions from there.
  • Configure the Yireo_NewRelic options in the Magento System Configuration:
    • Set the Application Name to whatever you like.
    • Configure the License Key as received from New Relic.

Override of Varien_Profiler

This extension overrides the default Magento profiler - a class called Varien_Profiler is placed in the file app/code/community/Varien/Profiler.php so that all profiling information is overridden by the Yireo_NewRelic profiler.


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