Woopra offers real-time statistics for tracking (and even contacting) users. With this extension, you can easily integrate Woopra in your Magento frontend.

This Magento extension adds the functionality of Woopra to the Magento e-commerce application. Woopra allows you to track the activities of users in real-time - this plugin connects Woopra to the current Magento customer (his/her name and email-address).


Price Free
Current version 1.0.4 (Stable)
Requirements Magento CE 1.5 - 1.6
Magento EE 1.7 - 1.11
PHP 5.2.8 or higher
Download MagentoConnect
Support Support Forum
License OSL (Open Software License)
This extension is also listed on MagentoConnect

This module is also listed on the Magento Connect site.

Quick steps to get it working

  • Login to the MagentoConnect Manager of your own website
  • Install the extension using the MagentoConnect extension key.
  • Navigate to System > Navigation > Sales > Woopra
  • Enter your Website ID as received from Woopra

NOTE: Currently this module is in "beta". You'll need to change the setting "Preferred state" to "Beta" within the MagentoConnect Manager of your site.


The Woopra module is not that complicated, so the following steps should solve most if not all problems:

  • Make sure to use the latest Magento version (at least 1.3)
  • After installation, refresh the configuration-cache through Cache Management
  • Logout and log back in to make Magento reread the permissions
  • Make sure your role has all the privileges to configure the Woopra module

New in 1.0.4

  • Move from beta to stable
  • FIX: Prevent "Strict mode" warning caused by Block::getData() method
  • NEW: Page title is displayed in page-statistics
  • NEW: Company and city are displayed in user-statistics


Feature request?

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