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Yireo sells trainings on various topics, via live courses or On-Demand courses. This FAQ is used to explain some questions you might have regarding the sales of these training.

Can you also offer the On-Demand courses per month, instead of per year?

A common question that we get is why we don't offer the On-Demand video trainings on a monthly-basis, but require a minimum subscription of a year. For instance, a typical on-demand training costs 259 Euro per year. Why not offer this for 21,60 Euro per month?

The reason for this is simple: With a monthly subscription, it would and should be possible to cancel after the first month. (A monthly subscription that requires you to be subscribed for a minimum of 12 months is not a monthly subscription, but a yearly subscription, regardless of what people will tell you.) So, if the entire course could be consumed in a single month, it would also value the course at 21,60 Euro only. That's less than what an average Magento developer makes per hour (including low-wage countries like China and India).

So instead of valueing the course on the number of months that it is available to you, you should value the course for the content: A Yireo On-Demand course of 259 Euro easily contains 12 hours of video content, which is 21,60 Euro per hour. This already beats the competition. And an average live in-person single-day training usually costs more as well, while that content is typically available for a day only.

If a subscription could be for a year, while payment only occurs every month, and if this payment could be guaranteed, then this would allow for monthly subscriptions (with a minimum of 12 months). However, we would like Yireo more to play a role as content provider, than to be a bank. So as of yet, offerings are per year only.

Regarding the economical question where our pricing might simply be steep for others, we are currently investigating the usage of Purchasing Power Parity with the Big Mac index.



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